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About the International Feuchtwanger Society

On 11 July 2001 scholars and journalists from the US and Europe came together in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles) to found the International Feuchtwanger Society. The Society aims to increase awareness of the life and works of Lion and Marta Feuchtwanger and other German émigrés who settled in Southern California during and after the Nazi period. Lion Feuchtwanger was a best-selling author in the US and pre-war Europe who became an important cultural link between the two continents.

The Society issues a regular Newsletter and holds a series of conferences alternating between the US and Europe. The first conference, scheduled for spring 2003, was co-sponsored by the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library of the University of Southern California. It took place at the Villa Aurora, the Feuchtwanger's former home in Pacific Palisades. Subsequent conferences took place in Sanary-sur-Mer, France (2005), Los Angeles (2007), Vienna (2009), Los Angeles (2011), Berlin (2013), Los Angeles (2015), Paris (2017), Munich (2019), Los Angeles (2022), with additional "Mini-conferences" in Halle and Toledo. The next IFS conference will take place in 2024 in London.



All International Feuchtwanger Society members receive the IFS newsletter from the International Feuchtwanger Society as a benefit of membership and are invited to participate in the society's symposia. The society welcomes submissions to the newsletter in English, German, French, Russian, or Italian.

Regular membership in the IFS is $30/year. Student and Emeritus memberships are $20/year, and Life memberships are $300.

To join the International Feuchtwanger Society, please download and complete the current form in PDF format.

Officers & Contact

The 2023-2024 IFS officers were elected following the 2022 Conference. These officers will hold their positions until the next elections are held following to the 2024 IFS Conference. See IFS Constitution & Bylaws.

President: Tanja Kinkel (Term of office 2023-2024)

Vice President: Frank Stern (Term of office 2023-2024)

Secretary: Marje Schuetze-Coburn

Treasurer: Michaela Ullmann

Journal Editor: Birgit Maier-Katkin

Members-at-Large: Adrian Feuchtwanger, Anne Hartmann, Andreas Heusler and Heike Specht

International Feuchtwanger Society
c/o Feuchtwanger Memorial Library
Doheny Memorial Library 206
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0189


2024 IFS Conference

The Feuchtwangers and Britain. From Weimar to Hope - Exile from the Interwar to the Postwar Period

Senate House, University of London, September 12-14, 2024, London, United Kingdom

The eleventh biennial meeting of the International will take place September 12-14, 2024 in London, United Kingdom. The conference is jointly organized by the Leo Baeck Institute London, the Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies, University of London, and the International Feuchtwanger Society.

The conference centers around the idea of Britain, the British Commonwealth, and the British Mandate of Palestine as hub and transit for Jews, intellectuals, artists, and political opponents of the National Socialist regime in the interwar and postwar years.

A special focus of the conference is the Feuchtwanger family, their lives, work, and networks in relationship with Britain and the role that Britain played as a waystation for members of the Feuchtwanger family and other exiles.

The conference will discuss the importance of the immigration to and through Britain and the cultural exchange of exiles during their time in Great Britain and other regions under British influence, the short and long-term impact of these experiences such as the influence of British artists and British cultural politics on German-speaking artists and vice versa.

Other topics that will be explored  include the Feuchtwanger family’s relationship with British literature and publishing around the time of WWI; the reception of German-speaking exiles during the interwar years and the administrative hurdles, prejudices, economic burdens they faced; the role(s) of women, including their motivations to leave Germany, and gender dynamics in exile in general. Further areas to be considered: the impact of the British Mandate in Palestine on Jewish exile and its cultural and publishing efforts; the effects of exile on literary and artistic works for those starting anew in a different culture and language; the role of English translations of Lion Feuchtwanger’s work (and the work of others) as a prerequisite for the American exile; the reception of Lion Feuchtwanger’s work as a Jewish writer and thinker; and the reception of new translations of Lion Feuchtwanger’s work by audiences today. 

The conference will take place in a hybrid format, meaning that audience members can watch presentations via Zoom remotely. We would like to make presenters aware of this as written consent to record and make available your presentation will be required.

The conference organizers anticipate that speakers will need to secure funding through their home institutions or other sources to attend the conference. Feel free to contact Michaela Ullmann ( ) with any questions.

Conference organizers compiled a list of hotels close to the conference venue for attendees to make their reservations themselves but cannot guarantee pricing and availability. We encourage you to also look for accommodations yourself as London is a popular destination and making early reservations is probably best.

A selection of revised conference papers will be published in a volume of the Feuchtwanger Studies series (Peter Lang: Oxford).

Conference languages: German and English.

The draft schedule for the conference will be posted this summer.


Feuchtwanger and Exile Studies Journal / IFS Newsletter


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To purchase these volumes, click here