How to Request Books and Early Manuscripts

Use these directions to request books and early manuscripts using the Specialized Research Collections Request System, after you have created a request account.


1. Using the USC Library catalog (, search for the item you wish to request.

catalog search


2. From the item’s catalog record, click on “Request from Special Collections”

catalog search 2


3. This will take you into the Specialized Research Collections Request System (Aeon).

aeon log in


4. Click on the appropriate button. If you have already created an account, you will be taken directly to your account. If you have not yet created an account, see How to Create an Account.

The details of the book will be pre-filled into the request form.

request form 1
request form 2
request form 3


5. Before submitting the request you must select a Library from the drop down.

Library drop down


6. You must also request an appointment. Appointments are required to view materials in Special Collections. Click on “Schedule a New Appointment"



7. Select your desired date (for Special Collections, appointments can only be made as early as 10 days in advance). The length of appointment and appointment time are fixed, but must be selected from the drop downs.

appointment selection


8. Once you have selected your appointment time, click on “Create Appointment”, then click on “Submit Request”. You will receive an email once your item has been retrieved and your appointment has been confirmed.


Questions about making a request? Contact us!