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Twelfth-Annual Wonderland Award | Deadline: April 1, 2016 | Reception: April 21, 2016 See more

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From left to right: USC Libraries Research Award winners Diana Kruzman, Mahima Verma, Alexander Finkelstein, Sasha Pearce, Emily Hodgkins and Sareen Palassian. Papers on post-World War II Beat music...Read more

Wonderland Award
From left to right: Cassady Collection curator Abby Saunders, honorable mention winner Genevieve Parkes, first-prize winner Sara Fenton, Wonderland Award sponsor Linda Cassady, second-prize winner Yu...Read more

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Citation managers, sometimes called reference managers, are robust software tools designed to help you as an author and researcher collect, sort, and cite your many sources. Each tool is different...Read more

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August 23 - language & literature, collections

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