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Page from Excursion Round the World
"An Excursion 'Round the World" is a boxed toy panorama produced by publisher Joseph Walker in the late 19th century for the amusement of children. The panorama consists of a moving screen containing 40 scenes mounted on rollers that are revolved when a handle is turned; the scenes are viewed through a proscenium arch behind two closing "stage" doors.
The tour begins at Southampton and the journey continues through the following places and scenes: Place de la Concorde, Paris; Cologne; Berlin; Alps; Venice; Rome; Pyramids of Gizah Karnak; Sandstorm in the Desert; Mecca; Opium smokers; Entrance of the Tomb of Akbar; Loess Terraces; Northern China; The Kremlin, Moscow; Squid; Waterspouts; Kilanea by Night, Sandwich Island; Sea-lions on the rocks off San Francisco; Stump of a big tree; Cisco Station, California; Trestle bridge on the Pacific Railway; Carrying the Mail across the Prairies, 1180; The Narrows, Utah; Hot Wells on Gardiner's River (lower basin); The Giantess Geyser, Yellowstone; Niagara in Winter; Elevated Street Railway, New York; The Great Bartholdi Statue, New York; Crossing the Atlantic in winter; Aurora Borealis; The Arctic Sea; A coast glacier; The crater of Mount Hecla; The oyster catchers; The Dettifoss; Fingal's Cave; The Forth Bridge; and finally a sentimental scene of Safe Home Again.