Printing & Copying Overview

USC Libraries provides a variety of printing options: wireless internet access; USC Network access from Libraries Desktop/Lab work stations; from your mobile device; and from all library information kiosk terminals. To facilitate research, each library is also equipped with the latest Xerox multifunction printers capable of copying and scanning and emailing documents. You must create a Library Print account in order to print or copy on one of the Xerox multifunction printers.

For more information, please see the links provided below:


Library Printer and Copier Locations

  • DML 119, Stacks 5 (Color)
  • DML G4, Cinematic Arts Library (Black&White only)
  • DML G24, Music Library (Black&White only)
  • DML 110, East Asian Reference/Computer Commons (Black&White only)
  • ONE 202, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives (Black&White only)
  • LVL 113, 1st Floor (Color)
  • LVL 202, Upper Information Commons (Color)
  • NML B9, Norris Medical Library (Color)
  • NML 100, Norris Medical Library (Black&White only)
  • NML 205, Norris Medical Library (Color)
  • LIPA B40, LIPA Library (Color)
  • SSL 201, Science & Engineering Library (Color)