All public printer and copiers, whether black & white or color, are capable of producing color scans to send via email.

How to Scan a Document

Scanning is free and available on all public copiers and printers. Xerox Multifunction Printers are capable of resolutions up to 600 DPI.

Scan and Send Via Email:
  1. From the icons select Email
  2. Select Manual Entry
  3. Enter email address or addresses and then Select Add
  4. Load your document into the tray feeder or place it directly on the scanner
  5. Press Send

Flatbed Scanners

Networked, flatbed scanner workstations are on a different system than the public copier/printers.  They offer productivity software, are capable of reslutions up to 600 DPI and are available for current USC students, staff and faculty only at the following library location:

Microform Scanners

Networked microform scanner workstations are available for students, staff and faculty at the following library locations: