Problem-Based Learning Students

The Wilson Dental Library has gathered information and resources for students and facilitators participating in the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Curriculum. Below you will find links to relevant resources that will help guide you through your learning needs.

Good Place to Start

PBL Learning Needs Research Checklist
This step-by-step checklist will provide you with a process for using library resources to complete your PBL Learning Needs research.
Available for print or download.

PBL Research Guides

PBL Research Guides for individual cases and subjects have been developed for you by the librarians at the Wilson Dental Library. Guides for individual PBL cases focus on the first year cases for DDS and ASPID students. There are not guides for every PBL case, but other resources listed below contain helpful information for all PBL cases.

All Dentistry Research Guides

Recommended Textbooks 

PBL facilitators and the Wilson Dental Library have curated a list of textbooks recommended for all PBL cases. The list is organized alphabetically by subject and information about textbook format (available in print or online) is included.

List of Recommended Textbooks for PBL

Reserve Textbooks

Recommended print textbooks are held on reserve at the Wilson Dental Library. These books can be checked out. Some exceptions apply. Please email for more information.

Ebook Databases

PBL Citation Format 

For PBL Learning Need Packets, you are required to use a citation format created by Ostrow faculty designed to help PBL facilitators locate your references. View the PBL Citations Guide for examples of common PBL references types in the required format. 

Sources for Images

If you are searching for images to include in your Learning Needs packet, it is recommended you use one of the sources listed on the library's Multimedia Resources (Health Sciences) guide.

PBL Guidelines and Presentations

Ostrow Guidelines and presentations regarding PBL.

Ostrow Case Library 

Ostrow Case Library- Available on the Ostrow intranet

Library Resources Tutorials

PBL Resources Video Playlist - The playlist includes a series of videos on how to search for information across multiple health sciences ebooks in ClinicalKey, AccessMedicine, R2 Library, and Stat!Ref & a video on using the PBL Learning Needs Research Checklist.

USC Health Sciences Libraries Video Playlist - Librarians from the Wilson Dental Library and Norris Medical Library have created a range of video tutorials demonstrating how to access and search PubMed, how to find full-text articles, and how to use other databases. 

WDL Orientation Tutorial

Librarians have prepared an online, self-paced library orientation for you. Learn how to navigate the library website, search for books, find resource guides and more.

Wilson Dental Library Orientation

Help from the Dental Librarian