Research Grants for German Exile Studies

The Feuchtwanger Memorial Library awards research grants for scholars whose work would benefit from access to German exile study materials in the University Libraries' archival and printed collections.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with a scholarly interest in researching German exile studies at USC is invited to apply. Faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and independent scholars whose work would benefit from resources in USC's German Exile Studies collections, in particular the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library, are eligible. 

What may the grant money be used for?

Grant money may be used for travel to the University of Southern California's Feuchtwanger Memorial Library, costs of copying pertinent resources German exile-related from the University Libraries, and living expenses while pursuing research at USC. Grant amounts are awarded up to $1600 and must be used within one year of notification of the award.

How do I apply?

Please complete the application form and send/email application to:

Taylor Dwyer
Curator, Feuchtwanger Memorial Library
Special Collections 
Doheny Memorial Library, Room 228
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0189

Phone: (213) 821-2341

In addition to completing the Grant Application Form, applicants are asked to supply:

  1. Project abstract of 100 words or fewer
  2. Budget for the amount of grant money requested
  3. Outline of the project's goals, methods, and expected results reflecting its relationship to the German Exile Studies resources at the University of Southern California
  4. Vita

When is the deadline?

Applications can be submitted at any point during the year; however, proposals must be made 2 months prior to planned research visit.

When will I know if I will receive a grant?

Applicants will be notified within two months of receipt of application.