Ongoing Projects

Wahon Collection

The USC Libraries received approximately 300 Japanese bound books (wahon) as part of the Hinomoto Library Collection gift. Many of these books are awaiting cataloging, and some require preservation work. Among the most exceptional titles in the wahon collection is a kyoka (comic verse) edition of Hiroshige’s "53 Stations of the Tokaido", a woodblock print series from the 1840s. We also received several Taishō period kimono design books (zuan) with beautiful silver inlay. 


Peace Corps in Korea

The USC Korean Heritage Library plans to build a Peace Corps Korea Digital Archive. The project began in April, 2016 when K-2 Peace Corps reunion was held in the USC Korean Heritage Library. Peace Corps volunteers donated their memorabilia to the Library. The library will also receive a large digital collection from Peace Corps Korea 1966-1981 Archive. Peace Corps in Korea collection includes photos, video clips, audio clips, monthly newsletters, documents, and training materials, which provides a window into the everyday lives of ordinary Korean people in the past.


Mao Zedong Writings Project 

This collection contains the records of the Mao Zedong Writing Project, which operated from the 1970s to 1992 to comprehensively translate the writings of Chinese leader Mao Zedong (1893-1976) into English. Materials include translations, at various stages of completion, of thousands of documents, including essays, speeches, letters, conversations, poems, and official communications, along with photocopies of the original Chinese texts and supporting documentation. Translations for all items through 1959 are nearly complete, and rough translations of the major documents are available in chronological files through 1976. Please click on the finding aid for a detailed description of the project records.