OKSHF Research Grant at the Korean Heritage Library

The USC Korean Heritage Library (KHL) is pleased to announce research grants for researchers, librarians, and educators in Korean Studies. Thanks to generous support from the Overseas Korean Studies and Heritage Foundation (OKSHF), the grant assists scholars in their use of USC Korean Heritage Library’s resources for research to promote scholarship in Korean Studies. 
Scholars and librarians whose research can benefit from the resources at the USC Korean Heritage Library. This program is open to scholars from Korea and other countries outside the United States and to those at domestic U.S. institutions with few Korean library resources.  
Up to 3 scholars will be awarded as follows.
  • International scholars: up to $2,000 
  • Domestic scholars: up to $1,000 
  • August 31, 2016:  Deadline for proposals
  • September 30, 2016: Notification of grantees
  • September 30, 2017: Deadline for the use of the grant
Benefits for Grantees
  • Partial support for costs related to consulting resources at the USC Libraries as part of their research on Korea (travel, accommodations, meals, copying, etc.)
  • USC library privileges and support from USC KHL faculty and staff during their research visit
  • Active engagement with USC’s dynamic community of Korean Studies faculty and students through workshops and informal gatherings 
Requirements for Grantees
  • A brief report at the end of on-site research 
  • Works resulting from the OKSHF Research Grant must acknowledge the grant in all publications and/or presentations
  • Gift copies of all publications resulting from the grant must be submitted to the USC Libraries. If this is not possible, citations must be reported for KHL’s records 
  • Submitting receipts for reimbursement up to the amount of the award
Applications will be reviewed by a panel of USC librarians.  
Inquiries may be directed to: 
Application Procedures
Submit the following documentation on the application form.
  • A brief statement (approximately 250 words) describing your research project and its purpose, needs for on-site research at USC KHL, proposed visit schedule, and an estimated budget
  • A curriculum vitae