Francis (Frank) McNamara

(1925-2013). General Manager, United Way of Los Angeles.

Interviewed by Ed Hummel. Dates of interview: 1-10/23-97; 2-6-97. 3 cassette tapes. Length of interview: 4 hours and 35 minutes. Transcript of interview: 66 pp. CD containing interview and transcript.

Interview Topics

Education; entrance into social work; first community chest campaigns, in Massachussetts; work with volunteers; work with United Way of Newport News, Virginia; recruitment of volunteers in Newport News; integration of blacks into Newport News United Way; work in Rhode Island; Catholic charities and United Way in Rhode Island; fight against Combined Federal Campaign on the part of the United Way; merger of United Way in 1963; work with United Way of LA; problems with United Way in Los Angeles; AID United Givers; fundraising; creation of structure of United Way of Los Angeles; leadership structure of Los Angeles United Way; 1968 campaign; allocation of money; AID lawsuit; distribution of money to regions; selection of board members; philosophy of leadership; contributions; history of national United Way; national developments in United Way; United Way International; Brotherhood Crusade.

Additional Materials

  • 1 5 x 7 in. photograph of Frank McNamara, taken by Ed Hummel, 2-6-97.
  • Correspondence re interview: letter from Ed Hummel to Frank McNamara; note from Ed Hummel to Ruth Britton.
  • California Social Welfare Archives Oral History Release Agreement form.
  • Various United Way of Los Angeles publications.
  • Brochure for tribute dinner for Frank McNamara, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, 26 May 1987.
  • Chronologies of significant events in history of United Way of Los Angeles.
  • Newspaper clipping re Frank McNamara's achievements as United Way director in Newport News, VA.

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