Chicago Style Notes & Bibliography

This tutorial provides an overview on formatting common academic sources for the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition following the Notes & Bibliography format.

Getting Started with Zotero

This tutorial provides an overview of downloading and using Zotero to organize your citations.

Introduction to Using EndNote

Watch this short tutorial to learn to use your purchased software effectively with USC Libraries-licensed resources.

MLA Style 9th Ed.: In-Text Citation Formatting

This 5 minute tutorial provides an overview on utilizing creating in-text citations following MLA Style 9th edition. The video covers the standard formatting formula and common scenarios when sources do not align with the standard format.

MLA Style Works Cited Tutorial

This tutorial breaks down the 9 containers that can make up a Works Cited Source following MLA Style 9th Edition. It provides an overview with examples for common source types.

PsycINFO Citation Export for Endnote Software

Learn to export citations from PsycINFO and other ProQuest databases to Endnote software.