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Grand Avenue Library

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 Printers, copiers, scanners

3434 South Grand Avenue - 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Phone: (213) 821 2045

Campus map code: CAL


About this library

Grand Avenue Library houses a collection of lesser used but important materials in a variety of formats, as well as older editions that have been retained for research purposes. Currently holding more than 1.5 million volumes in its 81,000 square feet, the library reflects USC Libraries' commitment to retaining and preserving the continuously growing print collection. Grand Avenue Library offers electronic paging of its holdings through the online Libraries Catalog. Paged materials are delivered to Leavey Library's Circulation Desk, typically within one business day, and held for the requestor for 10 days. Patrons also have the option to pick up materials at the Architecture and Fine Arts Library.


All patrons with a valid USC library card may use the electronic paging service through the Libraries Catalog or, if necessary, may make an appointment to visit the facility by emailing The Grand Ave. Library is located on the second floor of the Carol Little Building (CAL), three blocks east of campus, at Jefferson Blvd. and Grand Ave. All visitors must have a picture I.D. to enter the building.


  • Monographs
    The Grand Avenue Library's monograph collection covers every academic discipline. Early 20th century literature and science are particularly well represented.
  • Journals
    The library'€™s journals collection includes a large number of scholarly journals. The journals are for library use only, but may be paged to Leavey Library or the Science and Engineering Library.
  • Audio/Visual
    The Grand Avenue Library contains thousands of historic vinyl records, laser disc, cassette tapes, CDs, VHS tapes and DVDs.
  • Microfilm
    The microfilm/microfiche and microcards collection includes a wide variety of journals, newspapers and the Early American Imprints series.
  • Government Documents
    The Grand Avenue Library's holdings include most of the USC'€™s Government Documents collection (VKC Library holds Government Documents collection as well). These can be paged and viewed in the same manner as the library'€™s other materials. For more information on accessing the Government Documents collection contact Tanya Zarotsky at (213) 821-0987 or Note: Non-USC patrons may access the Government Documents collection. For appointments and access instructions please call (213) 821-2045.
  • Music Scores
    The Dewey music scores are housed in the Grand Ave. Library. Please contact to confirm availability.