Doheny Memorial Library - CWR Spaces

Collaborative Workroom Reservation Policies and Procedures

Collaborative Workrooms for group study are available within the East Asian Library, located on the first floor of the Doheny Memorial Library. Collaborative Work Rooms 109D, 110A, and 110B are designed for groups of six to eight people and come equipped with a white board, dry erase markers, and network connections for laptops.

Reservations may be made up to seven days in advance online at You must have a valid e-mail address to book a reservation. Upon selecting available reservation times, you will be sent an e-mail to confirm your reservation. You must click the link in that e-mail within 30 minutes to confirm and complete the reservation process. Reservations cannot be made over the phone and are no longer taken in person.

  • On any calendar day, you may reserve a maximum of TWO HOURS. If you wish or need to reserve space in multiple rooms, please note that you are limited to a total of 2 hours across all of your reservations for that day. If you attempt to exceed these limits, your reservations may be canceled, and your time slots will be available to other groups.
  • You will have a TEN MINUTE GRACE PERIOD for your reservation. If your group is not present within ten minutes of the start of your reserved time, you will lose the remainder of that hour of your reservation, and another group may use the space for the rest of the hour. The clock behind the circulation desk and your booking confirmation e-mail will be used to settle any disputes over time. If you leave a room unoccupied after the grace period has expired, another group may take the room. Any belongings left in an unoccupied room will be turned in to the lost and found.
  • RESERVATIONS HAVE PRIORITY. If you are using a room and do not have a valid reservation, you must leave when asked by a group that has a valid reservation. Also, priority use is given to GROUPS OF TWO or more. If you are alone in a room and the grace period has expired, you may be asked to relocate in order to accommodate a group of two or more.
  • Save your booking confirmation e-mail as it will be used to verify your reservation in the event that two groups claim to have a reservation for the same space and time.
  • The group rooms are very popular so please cancel your reservation if you will not be using the space. To do so, simply click the link provided in your room booking confirmation e-mail.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Collaborative Workrooms, please e-mail