Before making your request:


COVID-19 Update: Due to limited staff working on-site and because of the closure of the libraries, if the only available format is in print, we are currently unable to offer the Library Expedited Acquisitions Program (LEAP). However, electronic books and media are generally made available within a short time frame if they are readily available with an academic license. There is a possibility that the print will not be ordered until the libraries re-open. If we are able to order print/physical items, the delivery times may vary based on location of provider.

USC Libraries strives to build and maintain a relevant collection of resources to support the research, teaching, and learning at USC’s global campuses. USC Libraries has made a strategic decision to invest in electronic resources including books, journals, databases, and multi-media formats. Moving to an “e-Preferred” plan, USC Libraries now purchases the electronic version of resources when available. When an electronic copy is not currently available, the Libraries will acquire the print version.

Recommendations for ongoing commitments such as journals and databases may fall outside the funding limits and may not be purchased. If you are requesting one of these items please briefly explain how the proposed title would benefit your work and indicate if there are other clinicians, researchers, faculty or students who would also find it beneficial.

In addition, the libraries generally do not purchase textbooks, how-to manuals, best-sellers or materials not relevant to academic programs at USC.

Use this recommendation request form to recommend a book, journal, CD, DVD or other resource that is not currently in the USC Libraries collections.