Emita Armi

An interview with Emita Armi as she discusses her childhood in Europe; coming to the United States; her husband; work with the Girl Scouts; experience with the Federation of Settlements; her awards; volunteer work; and the Settlement Movement.
Emita Armi has been a distinguished volunteer with both public and non-profit agency commissions and boards - Pasadena, Los Angeles, and national organizations. From the time of her arrival in the United States from Hitler-dominated Germany in 1937, she was involved with a wide range of organizations in accordance with her philosophy of "giving something back to the community." Over the years, she saw changes in the structure of agency boards and witnessed the impact on them of societal and political emphases related to particular times. This interview describes the course of her activities as a volunteer and notes important modifications in volunteer roles with the passage of time

(d. 2011)

Interviewed by Frances Feldman. Date of interview: 5-30-01. Length of interview: 55 minutes. Transcript of interview: 12 pp. CD containing interview and transcript.

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  • George Nickel Award Announcement.

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