Diana Ming Chan

An interview with Diana Ming Chan, MSW, as she discusses the importance of systems approach, advocacy and community involvement with the Chinese community in San Francisco.

Interviewed by Esther Gillies. Date of interview: 5-4-07. Length of interview: 56 minutes. DVD containing interview.

California Social Work Hall of Distinction Biography

Interview Topics

(00:47)- Beginnings in social work. (07:15)- Journey after graduate work. (09:04)- Group work in first job post graduate school (Recreation Department Oakland, Ca). (10:42)- Multiculturalism in Oakland. (13:20)- Work with Chinese community and Cameron House. (20:20)- Experience in teaching/education. (22:33)- Prioritizing community needs. (24:35)- Emergence of new agencies in China Town and opportunities for Chinese speaking social workers. (27:57)- Parenting education in Chinese for China Town residents. (30:26)- Influence in establishing programs for at risk first generation Chinese youth. (34:56)- Challenges and triumphs associated with school funding and social workers. (49:15)- Value of education for social workers. (51:29)- Importance of having social workers at elementary schools. (53:30)- Closing