David Kuroda

David Kuroda Interview #1: Interviewed by Frances Feldman
Date of interview: 6-13-03. Length of interview: 1 hour and 46 minutes. Length of transcript: 45 pp. CD containing interview and transcript.

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David Kuroda interview # 2: Interviewed by Jamie Biggs
Date of interview: 3-28-12. Length of interview: 54 minutes. DVD containing interview.

Interview Topics
An interview with David Kuroda, LCSW, as he discusses his work in mediation and collaborative divorce with Jamie Biggs, MSW Candidate CSU Northridge. March 28, 2012.

(0:30) – Introduction of David Kuroda by Jamie Biggs, ‘12 MSW Candidate CSU Northridge (1:55) – Mediation and collaborative law (3:55) – Kuroda’s involvement in collaborative law, role of social workers in it (4:50) – Influence on legislation that has helped collaborative law (6:30) – Benefits and challenges of collaborative divorce (7:25) – Idea of collaboration in social work (8:56) – PACT “Parents and Children Together” and his work with David Rothman (12:30) – Do you think there should be research done on the effectiveness of collaborative law? (13:13) – Social workers role in collaborative divorce (14:20) – The Better Divorce - a program that helps families through divorce (17:35) – Mistakes/things that could have been done differently  (19:17) – Work with South Bay Bar Association to elevate family law (21:50) – Importance of leadership  (23:48) – California Society for Clinical Social Work, insurance reimbursement for social workers (24:50) – Importance of writing in social work (26:45) – Increased/ of technology use in social work (28:30) – Collaborative divorce and mediation in social work education (30:19) – Kuroda’s presentations at NASW conferences “Mediation: A New Field of Practice for Social Workers” (31:34) – Kuroda’s awards (33:19) – Affirmative action (37:15) – Collaboration in social (40:15) – Tips he offers during mediation and promoting his practice, importance of interpersonal relationships (41:26) – Lessons learned from lawyers - how to speak in ways that people will listen (43:15) – Rules for social workers getting into field of collaborative law; role of coaching (50:28) – Advice for social work students about choosing a field 

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