Dan Pursuit

Social worker. Director of Delinquency Institute.

Interviewed by John Milner. Date of interview: 7-26-95. 1 cassette tape (1 duplicate tape). Length of interview: 56 minutes. Transcript of interview: 24 pp. (3 copies rough draft of transcript). CD containing interview and transcript.

Interview Topics

Reasons for entering social work; education in social work at Western Reserve University; probation officer; work with segregated training programs in U.S. Navy; first employee of Delinquency Control Institute; creation of DCI; objective of DCI; establishment of DCI teaching program; early leaders and contributions of USC School of Social Work to program; recruitment of police officers to DCI classes; other contributors to program; former directors of DCI; budget roblems; important students of DCI, eg, Ed Davis; major financial donors and contributors; loss of R. J. Reynolds as a sponsor; awards and national recognition received by DCI; DCI extension in Hawaii; backgrounds of students attending DCI; hope for major financial donor; contributions of Ford Foundation; publications; technique for "brainstorming"; retirement; name change; reasons for success of DCI.

Additional Materials

  • 1 diskette of transcript of interview.
  • Summary of Dan Pursuit tape.
  • Publications, syllabus and program description, initial planning committee, and informational brochure re DCI.
  • Download the transcript: 

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