Barbara Solomon

Professor, USC School of Social Work. University administrator.

Interviewed by Frances Lomas Feldman. Dates of interview: 4-21/26-95, 5-3-95. 4 cassette tapes (4 duplicate tapes). Length of interview: 4 hours and 3 minutes. Transcript of interview: 69 pp. CD containing interview.

Interview Topics

4-21-95 interview: Background and entrance into field of social work; graduate studies in social work at Cal-Berkeley; minority students in program and financial aid; after graduation, work with VA Hospital in Houston; medical social work at M.B. Anderson Cancer Hospital; move to California, work with VA Hospital at Wadsworth; doctoral program at USC School of Social Work; joins faculty at USC School of Social Work; teaching responsibilities; tenure requirements and pressures; faculty relations in promotion process; faculty and curriculum changes; emphasis on well-rounded education in social work studies at USC; Affirmative Action at USC; innovative thinking in social work field on question of diversity. 
4-26-95 interview: Research on Black empowerment in the community; methodology of empowerment; research projects; courses in ethnic studies and relationship to diversity in society; creation of mutual points of reference in diverse society; 
5-3-95 interview: More on research and teaching; changes in curriculum; experiences in field work during doctoral program and curriculum changes; incorporation of ethnic issues into studies; experiences in England and Kenya; influence of visits on views of diversity and social work in the workplace; influence of background in social work on work as university administrator; direction of USC School of Social Work, eg, research; goals as university administrator re social work research; Social Work Centers of Excellence; place of School of Social Work in "Strategic Plan of University".

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Additional Materials

Barbara Solomon Video Oral History Interview. Interviewed by Frances Caple.

Date of interview: 5-18-11. Length of interview: 1 hour and 14 minutes. DVD containing interview.

Interview Topics
An interview with Barbara Solomon, PhD, as she discusses her life as an African-American social worker in an era of segregation, essential issues the field should address, and the importance of family and a support system in a social worker's career.

(04:43)- Social work as a career choice. (10:35)- Political, and social, climate of social work upon entrance to field (1950's). (21:50)- Economic climate changes in the past 50 years. (27:50)- Theories that no longer hold value. (34:14)- Views about issues that social work should be addressing. (41:38)- Social work in academia, as authors, and the role of technology in the field. (47:20)- Books of importance to the field. (50:50)- Most personally and professionally gratifying position held. (53:30)- Encountered obstacles throughout. (1:01:00)- Integration of work and family into career. (1:09:00)- A message to the future social workers of America