Visions&Voices Spring 2019


Flowering Tree

Theme Guides to selected programs from the Spring 2019 Visions & Voices program were created in partnership with USC Libraries faculty and staff.
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Photo: Danielle Mihram from California, USA, "Flowering Tree", CC BY 2.0

Bunraku Ningyo Awakenings: A Performance by Kanroku and Mokugu-sha (Theme Guide PDF)

Experience traditional Japanese puppet theatre in a rare performance outside of Japan by renowned bunraku ningyo performer Kanroku and his company, Mokugu-sha. Taking inspiration from antique bunraku puppets from the USC Libraries’ East Asian Library, Kanroku and Mokugu-sha will create a special piece for the USC community. The performance will explore the tension between social obligations and personal desire—a conflict at the heart of the bunraku repertoire—and highlight the expressive possibilities for storytelling with non-human puppets and creative experimentation by bunraku ningyo practitioners past, present, and future.

Additional topics in guide:    USC Libraries contributor: Rebecca Corbett

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R.A.P. Lessons: Bridging Race, Arts, and Placemaking (Theme Guide PDF)

Join us for the opening night of R.A.P. Lessons: Bridging Race, Arts, and Placemaking, a six-week video exhibition throughout the Wallis Annenberg Building at USC, with performative and curricular interventions between schools and with community partners. Artists Chris Johnson and Hank Willis Thomas will explore the links between art, pedagogy, and social change with Annenberg Associate Professor Taj Frazier

Additional topics in guide:     USC Libraries contributor: Christal Young

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