Visions&Voices Fall 2010

The trees ablaze

Theme Guides to selected programs from the Spring 2012 Visions & Voices program were created in partnership with USC Libraries faculty and staff.
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Photo: Holly Burt from California, USA, "The Trees Ablaze", University of Southern California, CC BY 2.0

The Glass Menagerie at Mark Taper Forum (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
September 10, 2010
This Tennessee Williams’ play stars Judith Ivey.
Additional topics in guide: Laurette Taylor, Sara Krulwich; Guide creator: Anthony Anderson.
Festival de Flor y Canto: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Online Theme Guide: Research Guide) / (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
September 15-17, 2010
On the centennial of the Mexican Revolution and the bicentennial of Mexican independence, the University reprised the 1973 literary festival Flor y Canto by inviting prominent participants from the previous festival—including Alurista, Juan Felipe Herrera, Rolando Hinojosa, José Montoya and Ron Arias—to share the stage with a new generation of Chicano writers.
Additional topics in guide: Tyson Gaskill, María-Elena Martínez, El Centro Chicano, Latino Student Assembly; Guide creators: Ivan E. Calimano, Barbara Robinson.
Little Tokyo Culinary and Historical Tour (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
September 18, 2010
Little Tokyo is a National Historic Landmark District and on the National Register of Historic Places. The walking tour of Little Tokyo explores the neighborhood’s history and the Japanese American National Museum.
Additional topics in guide: Nisei Week Grand Parade; Guide creator: Ken Klein.
Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
September 26, 2010
The show features a rotating roster of comedians such as Kristen Wiig, Fred Willard and Ryan Reynolds who read excerpts from the memoirs of stars like Sylvester Stallone and Mr. T.
Additional topics in guide: American Popular Culture, Celebrity Culture; Guide creator: Felicia Palsson.
"Enemy Number One": Lion Feuchtwanger and the Literature of Exile (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
September 29, 2010: Panel Discussion
October 26, 2010: Tour and Performance at the Villa Aurora: Staged reading of letters exchanged between Lion and his wife, Marta.
The USC Libraries recently published a new edition of Lion Feuchtwanger’s The Devil in France, a memoir of his internment and escape from Nazi-occupied France. Marje Schuetze-Coburn will moderate a panel on censorship, repression and writing in exile with Christopher Mlalazi, Michelle Gordon, Wolf Gruner,and Cornelius Schnauber.
Additional topics in guide: USC’s Feuchtwanger Memorial Library, German Exiles, Marje Schuetze-Coburn, Adolf Hitler; Guide creators: Michaela Ullmann, William Dotson, Marje Schuetze-Coburn.
Yousuf Karsh: Festival of Film and Music (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
September 30, 2010: Yousuf Karsh: The Hero of a Thousand Faces through Words and Music (Concert)
October 7, 2010: The Afterglow: A Tribute to Robert Frost (Film)
November 4, 2010: Karsh is History: Yousuf Karsh and Portrait Photography (Film)
The exhibit, Yousuf Karsh: Regarding Heroes, celebrates the centenary of Karsh's birth. The concert by Victoria Kirsch, Cynthia Jansen and Cedric Berry combines music and spoken word to celebrate the lives of the portrait subjects on display. The documentary film, The Afterglow, will be followed by a discussion and reading by Mark Irwin and the screening of Karsh is History will be followed by a discussion lead by Robbert Flick.
Additional topics in guide: USC Fisher Museum of Art, Grand Performances, USC Roski School of Fine Arts, USC Thornton School of Music; Guide creator: Alan Stevens.
Shining a Light on Corruption: The Story of Two Journalists in the Republic of China (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
October 1, 2010
Tao and Vicky Lee, broadcast journalists and media personalities investigated the former president of Taiwan and exposed his corruption on the air before the station could be shut down. The Lees join Geneva Overholser in a discussion of the politics of the Republic of Taiwan.
Additional topics in guide: Li Tenghui, Chen Shuibian, Pan-Blue Coalition, Pan-Green Coalition; Guide creator: Ken Klein.
Das Rheingold (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
October 9, 2010
James Levine conducts Wagner’s Das Rheingold, the first installment of the new Ring cycle directed by Robert Lepage and staring Bryn Terfel and Stephanie Blythe.
Additional topics in guide: Das Ring der Nibelungen; USC Libraries contributor: Ross Scimeca.
Ira Glass: Radio Stories & Other Stories (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
October 11, 2010
Presented in celebration of the Inauguration of USC’s 11th President, C. L. Max Nikias, Glass offers a multimedia presentation modeled after his radio program reflecting the power of storytelling to lift the human spirit.
Additional topics in guide: American Memory Project, StoryCorps; Guide creator: Felicia Palsson.
L.A. Philharmonic: Dudamel Conducts Messiaen's Turangalîla (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
October 17, 2010
Gustavo Dudamel conducts Olivier Messiaen’s Turangalîla-Symphonie.
Additional topics in guide: Serge Koussevitzky, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Johnny Greenwood, Radiohead; Guide creator: Stephanie Bonjack.
Writing about Patients: Truth and Consequences - A Lecture by Jay Baruch, MD (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
October 18, 2010
The Medical Humanities, Arts and Ethics Series; Writing and sharing memoirs about illness can be enlightening and healing, but we must consider issues of privacy and confidentiality. Dr. Baruch, author of Fourteen Stories: Doctors, Patients, and Other Strangers, discusses the implications of this kind of writing.
Additional topics in guide: Historical memoirs,Medicine in literature, blogs, Pamela Schaff, Erin Quinn, Lyn M. Boyd-Judson, ; Guide creator: Emily Brennan.
Why Me?: Special Screening of the Pioneering Documentary on Breast Cancer (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
October 21, 2010
With the screening of Joe Saltzman's 1974 documentary, Why Me?, Judy Muller facilitates a panel discussion focusing on the making and influence of the documentary and look at current television dramas and their portrayal of breast cancer awareness and treatment.
Additional topics in guide: Ribbon; USC Libraries contributor: Avril Cunningham.
Einstein's Cosmic Messengers (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
October 22, 2010
Music and science coalesce in this multimedia concert created Andrea Centazzo and NASA physicist Michele Vallisneri telling the story of gravitational waves. K.C. Cole will moderate a conversation on creativity in art and science with Centazzo, Vallisneri and Elena Pierpaoli.
Additional topics in guide: Albert Einstein, 1916 General Theory of Relativity, U.S. Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), curvature of space-time; Guide creator: Sara R. Tompson.
Calendar Oddities (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF) / (Theme Guide: Resource Guide - PDF)
October 27, 2010
To explore the oddities that make calendars so interesting, K.C. Cole will lead a panel consisting of Solomon Wolf Golomb, Noel Swerdlow, and Arthur Benjamin.
Additional topics in guide: Calendars: Gregorian, Hebrew, Persian Jalali, Chinese Lunar, Tibetan, Islamic, Julian, Aztec, Mayan, Martian, Titan; Guide creator: Kevin Klein.
Corella Ballet Castilla y León (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF)
November 5, 2010
Corella Ballet of Spain incorporates classical and contemporary choreography and is composed of 33 dancers representing ten countries.
Additional topics in guide: American Ballet Theatre, Classical ballet; Guide creator: Melinda Hayes.
Eyes on the Middle East (Online Theme Guide: Research Guide) / (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF)
November 20-21, 2010
This two-day event will feature screenings of dramas and documentaries focused on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Hany Abu-Assad, Adi Arbel, Ronit, Avni, Joseph Cedar, Barak Heymann, Ibtisam Mara’ana, Eran Riklis, Ari Sandel, will discuss their work and the issues that they are engaging.
Additional topics in guide: Jeremy Kagan, John Odell, Dave O’Brien, USC Cinematic Arts, USC Change Making Media Lab; Guide creator: Robert Laraee.
Next to Normal (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF)
December 3, 2010
This musical with a contemporary score tells the story of a mother struggling with bipolar disorder and the effect it has on her family.
Additional topics in guide: National Institute of Mental Health, American Psychiatric Association; Guide creator: Felicia Palsson.