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Service Level Agreement (SLA)
The Service Level Agreement (SLA) template is the basis of the contract by which any collaboration with the USC Libraries is bound. We want to be clear about expectations for both sides and discussions and agreements early in the collaboration ensure a fruitful long-term relationship.
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Overview of Digitization
These documents provide an overview of the process the Imaging & Media Lab uses for digitizing materials for the USCDL. You will find useful information about preparing, digitizing, and post-processing a wide range of materials.
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File Formats and Resolutions
Are you planning on scanning? Take a look at our listing of image sizes and formats used by the USCDL Imaging & Media Lab. These are the guidelines we use to create digital images.
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Digitization Tracking Form
The Imaging & Media Lab uses this Tracking Form to manage the many assets that come through the department. Users sending content must use this as well to document that materials have been dropped off, described, and signed off as delivered and accepted by an Imaging & Media Lab staffer.
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Contributor Field Definitions
Contributor field definitions list the definitions of each of the editable fields in the qualified Dublin Core metadata element set which the USC Libraries uses to describe digital assets.
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Dublin Core Crosswalk
Creating a crosswalk between the USC Libraries qualified Dublin Core and MARC21 requires mapping. This document shows how to convert qualified Dublin Core (qDC) records for USC Theses and Dissertations to MARC21 for Homer, the USC Libraries online public catalog.
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XML Schema
The XML Schema (no longer in use) defined the USC Libraries qualified Dublin Core field set that was used 2003-2012 for both import and export of metadata for describing digital assets.