Although copier services provided at USC Libraries are contracted from Xerox, in order to expedite the resolution of service problems USC assumes responsibility for refunds.  If you receive poor-quality copies, or experience problems with the payment system or Copy/Print card vending machines, please do not hesitate to request a refund.

Where to Request a Refund

Refunds can be requested at the nearest library service desk to the copier where the problem was experienced.  In the case of poor-quality copies, we can make the copy for you on our staff machine if this is what you prefer.  If you would like a refund for a poor-quality copy, please submit the copy with the request so that a Xerox technician can quickly assess the problem.

USCard Refunds

If you are using USCard for printing and copying, funds can be placed back on to your account.  To do so, notify the library service desk of the problem. Library staff will log the incident, and contact USCard with your refund request. You may also contact USCard directly at 213-740-8709, or

Library Copy/Print Card Refunds

Library service desks do not handle cash so refunds need to be processed through our administrative office.  We will attempt to process requests immediately.  During non-business hours, or if you are unable to wait, we can also make arrangements with you to pick up the refund at another time.  To request a refund, please complete the Copy/Print Card Refund Request Form, which is available at all library service desks.