New Features of the USC Libraries Website

New Integrated Search

  • The new search tool aggregates search results from a number of USC Libraries resources and splits them based on the source and type of content.
  • By changing the search bar dropdown, users can directly search catalogs, archives, or the entire website.
  • The search function is now accessible from every page on the new website.


Expanded Dashboard Functionality

  • A new dashboard enables users to save favorite content—such as databases, spaces, and library locations—and retrieve checkout and LibCal reservation information. We will be continuing to expand the functionality of the dashboard to integrate additional USC Libraries services and resources. 


New Highlights


Accessing the New Website Remains the Same

  • The address for the libraries website will remain Existing links and bookmarks should all remain valid or redirect to the corresponding content on the new website.
  • USC users will still login using their USC NetID and password.