Ostrow Listservs & Organizational Accounts

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry Listservs

Ostrow Faculty, Staff, and Student Listservs:

The Wilson Dental Library DOES NOT create or maintain listservs for faculty, staff, students or divisions at the School. Please contact the following individuals for help with faculty and staff listservs: 

  • Faculty Listservs: Ostrow Faculty Affairs or Kelley Randle randle@usc.edu 

  • Staff Listservs: Ostrow Human Resources or Maria Rivas mariariv@usc.edu

  • Student Listservs: Ostrow Student Life or Kim Eeles keeles@usc.edu

  • Division Listservs: Please contact the division’s administrative support staff. 

For more information on current listservs, please see the Ostrow Intranet

About Student Listservs:

The lists are private and not available to the larger USC community. Only users with usc.edu accounts can send messages. 

Student listservs are to be used as a means for students to communicate with one another regarding academic activities and events. Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry faculty and staff may also use the lists to communicate academic information to students. Because the lists are used primarily to report academic information, students may not unsubscribe. Students cannot add others to the lists and can contact Kim Eeles (keeles@usc.edu) to troubleshoot any issues. 

Students may not engage in unethical, unprofessional, abusive or harassing behaviors on Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry listservs. Please refer to the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry Code of Ethics and Behavioral Guidelines for more information about what constitutes unethical and unprofessional behavior at the School. A student who is alleged to engage in this type of behavior will be reported to the Ostrow Student Professional Performance Evaluation Committee (SPPEC).  

Ostrow Organizational Accounts

  • The Wilson Dental Library DOES NOT create or maintain organizational accounts. 
  • Contact Mike Cassar, Ostrow's Authorized Signer, at mcassar@usc.edu, to request an organizational email account. 
  • View more information about organizational accounts here