Donations & Giving to WDL


The Wilson Dental Library selectively accepts donations of books, manuscripts, archives or other non-cash items. These donations will only be considered if they support the teaching and research mission of the University. All donations must be approved by the USC Libraries Dean and accompanied by an appropriately signed gift agreement or MOU if needed. 

In order for a donation to be considered at the Wilson Dental Library, you must fill out this form that describes your donation in detail and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Be aware that we generally do not consider items that are damaged and we will not accept drop-offs. 

If we do accept your donation, we will provide you with a detailed inventory and acknowledgement of the gift, and ask that you fill out an “In-Kind Gift Offer Form”. IRS regulations explicitly disallow monetary appraisals by the library. 

Giving to the Wilson Dental Library

Please contact for more information about accepting monetary gifts or donations. The Wilson Dental Library staff and faculty cannot accept these donations, but we will gladly put you in touch with the appropriate development officer to discuss opportunities.