VKC Library offers a variety of workshops, events, and other outreach programming focusing on data, visualization, government information and collections housed within VKC Library.

VKC Data and Visualization Workshop Series:

You are invited to attend a series of workshops focused on a range of data and visualization related topics, tools, and resources. The workshops are intended for both undergraduate and graduate students and faculty. Space is limited and you must RSVP. ***Please note you must bring your own laptop to these workshops.*** All workshops will be held in VKC MMR.

Introduction to Data Sources - Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018, 10am-11 

Having trouble finding the data you need for your project? This workshop will describe the data landscape and give you tools to learn how to efficiently find data sources to suit your needs.
Learning Objective: Participants will understand how to access publically available data as well as data available through USC Libraries.
Keywords: data, open access, datasets

Finding Government Data to Support Social Justice - Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018, 10am - 11
RSVP  (Love Data Week)

Want to have hard proof to fight for a social cause? Learn about the data that is collected by the federal government on issues like gay marriage, guns, immigration and homelessness. Gain skills on how to navigate complex online government resources to effectively campaign for your cause.
Learning objective: Participants will be able to independently find publicly available government data to support a social cause and raise awareness of a particular issue.
Keywords: government data, social justice, data

Research Data Management - Wednesday, March 7th, 10am - 11

Learn how to manage your data and discover tools, such as the Open Science Framework, to organize, promote, and preserve your data for future use.
Learning objective: Participants will learn strategies and tools on how to efficiently collect, document, preserve, share and reuse data.
Keywords: data, data management

Digital Mapping Ecosystems - Thursday, March 8th, noon - 1:30

Do you have a mapping project that you want to put online? Learn more about how you can use CARTO, Mapbox, and Github to create and manage your own online digital project.
Learning objective: Understand the basic functionality of these platforms and how they can be used together. Walk away with a basic digital infrastructure in which you can plug-in your own research project.
Keywords: digital mapping, digital humanities, web-mapping, open source

Visualizing Los Angeles - Wednesday, March 14th, 10:00am - 11:30 and Wednesday March 21st, 10:00am - 11:30
RSVP - March 14th
- March 21st

In this workshop we will learn more about archival datasets offered through USC and other libraries that are focused on Los Angeles, such as the Los Angeles Time Photo Archive (UCLA), the Wayne Thom Photography Collection (USC), and the Robin Dunitz Mural Collection (USC). Using Palladio and Tableau we will explore these datasets, learning more about them as research data and in turn we will learning more about the tools and what they offer in terms of analysis and visualization.
Learning objective: Learn about various Los Angeles related datasets. Understand the basics steps of preparing data so that it can be used in different software. Learn how to visualize data in Palladio and Tableau.
Keywords: data visualization, Los Angeles, archives, collections as data

Focus on QGIS - Thursday, March 15th, noon - 1:30 and Thursday, March 22nd, noon - 1:30
RSVP  - March 15th
RSVP - March 22nd

This workshop is a basic introduction to QGIS. We will take several datasets, walk through the process of joining them to Los Angeles area geography, and then visualize them. No prior experience with QGIS is necessary.
Learning objective: Learn basic functionality of QGIS. Be able to find, identify, and use relevant GIS data for research.
Keywords: QGIS, GIS, mapping, shapefiles, spatial join

Workshop requests

Students and faculty are encouraged to make workshop requests to learn more about specific tools or methods. Please use this form to make the request.