How to Request Items That Do Not Have Online Records

Requests can be made for items that do not have online records. If you are looking for an item or collection that does not have an online record, please consult the Specialized Research Collections staff.

Use these directions to request materials without online records after you have created a circulation request account and have consulted with staff.

  1. From your account page, find the heading in your left-hand menu entitled “Item/Collection” from the New Request section.

  1. Enter the complete title of the collection. If you are working with an unprocessed archival collection please enter the collection number. Enter the box number – please enter only ONE BOX per screen. Each box needs its own request. If you are requesting more than one box, you can clone your original request. To do this click on "Main Menu", select the transaction you just submitted, and click the "clone request" link at the top of the transaction information screen. Change the box number and click on the "Submit Request" button. Please note: some archival materials may take 1 to 4 weeks to retrieve

  1. Once you have submitted a request you will see a message across the top of the screen that tells you the transaction number for that request and how many active requests you currently have. The limit is 25. You will also see all other items you have requested. Check back periodically to find out the status of your request.

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