Systematic Review Support

National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine (formerly Institutes of Medicine/IOM) for systematic reviews states: work with a librarian or other information specialist trained in performing systematic reviews to plan the search strategy.  Norris librarians collaborate with researchers on systematic reviews and provide assistance by:

  • Helping define the research question
  • Identifying relevant databases to be searched
  • Developing and conducting searches/search updates in selected databases
  • Searching for relevant grey literature
  • Delivering search results in citation management software such as EndNote.
  • Providing training and support for citation management software
  • Providing guidance in selecting journals for manuscript submission
  • Writing the literature search methodology section for the submitted manuscript, maintaining records of search results, and following up with alerts and updates as needed

Request a systematic review consultation for systematic review support.  The information you provide on the form will be used to guide your first meeting with a librarian.