Although the USC School of Music began in 1884 and there was mention of a music library in the School of Music bulletin in 1894, there was actually no Music Library until 1952, and no music librarian until 1954. The Music Library originally was housed in a second floor annex to Widney Hall and Miss Joan Meggett became the music librarian. The library remained in Widney Hall and Miss Meggett remained the music librarian until 1974. In 1974, Miss Meggett retired and the Music Library moved to a slightly larger space on the second floor of Doheny Library. At that time, the Music Library housed 40,000 items.

The Music Library moved in 1982 to a larger space in Doheny Library and in 1999 it moved to a temporary space in the basement of Waite Phillips Hall during the seismic renovation of Doheny Library. The Music Library now houses 90,000 items and has moved back to the ground floor of Doheny Library.