Leavey Library DVD and Video Circulating Policies and Procedures

Please note the following check out policy changes.

Check Out:  Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Only

  1. DVDs and Videos circulate for 7 days. They must be returned directly to Leavey Circulation desk, and not through book drops or other libraries. 
  2. If DVDs and Videos are returned through book drops or other libraries, fines will be assessed.
  3. Limit of 3 DVDs per checkout.  

Fines:  $5.00/day late/per item fee, max $40.00

Check In:

  1. DVDs and Videos must be returned directly to Leavey Circulation Desk.
  2. Patrons are responsible for DVDs and Videos charged to their account until they have been physically returned to Leavey Library and checked in by their staff.

Recall and Renewals: Not allowed

Reserve:  DVDs or VIDs for class use should be placed on reserve

ILL:  No DVDs OR Videos to loan through ILL.

Replacement Fees for Damaged or Lost DVDs and Videos                             

  1. Borrowers are responsible for DVDs and Videos damaged or lost while on loan. 
  2. All damaged or lost items should be reported immediately to Leavey Library. 

 Replacement Options:

1.  The minimum replacement fee for each lost or damaged item is $70.00, (which is $50.00 replacement fee plus $20.00 processing fee.  The Library reserves the right to adjust the replacement fee upward if it does not cover the price of the DVD or Video.  FINES WILL BE WAIVED.

2.  A borrower may replace a lost or damaged DVD or Video with a new, sealed and unused copy (acceptable and approved by a library staff member).  If the borrower chooses this option the $20.00 processing fee will still be applied. FINES WILL BE WAIVED.

3.   For boxed sets or non-feature films (documentaries, etc.) the bill will depend on the cost of the actual item.  Due to the nature of boxed sets and non-feature films, it is impossible to set a fixed price for these items.  If one volume of a boxed set is lost, it is often impossible to replace just that one volume, and the library must instead re-order the entire set.  In this case, the patron will be responsible for covering the cost of the entire set.  The cost of non-feature film DVDs and Videos can be in the hundreds of dollars, so the price of these items will again be based on the cost of replacing it.  As with feature films, there will also be a $20 processing fee added to the price.  FINES WILL BE WAIVED.

Circulation staff will refer to the collection selector Anthony Anderson on a case-by-case basis for boxed sets and non-feature film DVDs and Videos.