Books & Journals

Bookstacks (Fourth Floor)

Leavey Library provides a foundational collection of core, interdisciplinary works. This 40,000 volume collection includes fundamental texts in all fields, with an emphasis on materials in the arts, humanities, social sciences and some natural sciences that support the university's General Education requirements, including the Writing Program.

In addition to classic works, the collection emphasizes current materials and is refreshed on a regular and on-going basis to reflect contemporary scholarship. Consult HOMER for specific holdings.

Current Journals (Periodicals Room: First Floor-west)

Leavey maintains a carefully selected range of current journal titles from the disciplines, as well as some popular periodical titles.

Reference Collection (Temporary Location on the Fourth Floor)

The Leavey Reference Collection is comprised of books and journals that support research and study.  It includes materials such as encyclopedias, graduate test prep books, and writing style guides.  The Reference Collection is non-circulating (cannot be checked out) and must be used within the library.  Due to construction, the Reference Collection is currently located on a book truck on the southeast corner of the fourth floor. 

Other Unique Book Collections

- New Books (Temporary Location in the First Floor)

The newest titles added to Leavey Library's collection are temporarily located (for three months) on Leavey's new books shelf. The new books circulate for four weeks and include new fiction and non-fiction titles. Due to construction, the New Books are currently located on a book truck in the Periodicals Reading Room on the first floor.

- Popular Reading--The McNaughton Collection (Third Floor Lobby)

This collection features recently published fiction, graphic novels, and non-fiction titles. Genres include mystery, adventure, romance, biography, and current events. There is something for everyone! These books circulate on short-term loan (two weeks), much like at the public library.  Visit the Popular Reading Research Guide to view and vote on titles.

- Drama collection (Fourth Floor Lobby)

Based on donations from the USC School of Dramatic Arts faculty, Leavey Library maintains a collection of plays. Titles include both individual plays and anthologies, all of which are listed in HOMER and may be checked out for four weeks. Students looking for plays should also consult the Theatre/Drama Subject listing for information regarding the more extensive holdings available within the University Libraries‘ regular collections. Both Doheny and Leavey libraries have many plays shelved by call number in their bookstacks. Consult HOMER for specific holdings.

- Great Books/Classics (Fourth Floor Bookstacks)

The Great Books of the Western World is a series of classic texts in literature, history, philosophy, and science, including the works of  Homer, Plato, Virgil, Plutarch, Locke, Shakespeare, Hume, Kant, Nietzsche, Gibbon, Descartes, Newton, Freud and many others.

The Franklin Library was a division of The Franklin Mint that produced fine collectors' editions of classic books. The title of our Franklin collection is The Collected Stories of The World's Greatest Writers:

"This magnificent collection of books includes the most significant novels, biographies, histories, dramas and the greatest works of poetry, philosophy and science, as chosen by a distinguished group of scholars. Many are now very scarce. Each volume has a small booklet with notes on the volume. Authors include: Franz Kafka, Honore de Balzac, Anton Chekhov, Kurt Vonnegut, Jonathon Swift, Katherine Anne Porter, Miguel de Cervantes, Jack London, Aldous Huxley, James Joyce, Thomas Mann, Eta Hoffman, Jean Paul Satre, Vladimir Nabokov, Edith Wharton, William Faulkner....[and many more]." (from