EAL 110C - Seminar Room

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East Asian Library Seminar Room

One-time class meetings and events sponsored by USC faculty, staff or student organizations qualify for use in the East Asian Library Seminar Room.  Specifically designed to support events that require multimedia display, Seminar Room 110C is fully equipped with a videoconference camera and microphone as well as multi-region DVD and VCR players and a network connection for laptops.  The Seminar Room can hold 18 to 20 people.


Reservations must be made via the online form at least 3 business days in advance. Walk-in reservation requests will not be accepted. Reservations will be accepted beginning on the following dates for the corresponding semesters:

Fall: August 1

Spring: December 1

Summer: May 1

It is the user's responsibility to obtain approval from the department head or faculty member prior to making the reservation. The department head or faculty member will be held responsible for loss or damage to the room and its equipment during the session.


If a session is cancelled, the user must notify Stephanie Foreman at sforeman@usc.edu or (213) 740-2543 so other requests may be served. If the user has not arrived 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time and did not provide notification of the cancellation, the session will be cancelled automatically, and the room will be available for other users.

Repeated failure to give notice of cancellations may lead to suspension of reservation privileges.


Users must contact Doheny Library prior to the event for information about equipment capabilities or to arrange training. Please report any equipment malfunctions to the Doheny front desk.

Although the USC Libraries allows its spaces to be used, it is not a full-service conference center and does not provide Event Management support. It is the full responsibility of the Client organizing the event to arrange for any audio-visual support or equipment beyond what is included in the Seminar Room. Contact your department's IT Help Desk or either of these two Libraries-approved vendors: Take One Productions (877) 825-3146 or Gear Connection (714) 593-9861.


Please leave the Seminar Room in clean and in good condition. All areas must be properly restored after the event and the equipment switched off. If cables or equipment have been moved, please return to original positions. Repeated abuse may result in suspension of reservation privileges. Any materials left in the rooms will be discarded.

Food is not permitted anywhere in the rooms. Bottled water is permitted, but please exercise caution.

If you have any questions regarding Seminar Room 110C, please email Stephanie Foreman at sforeman@usc.edu.

For multipoint, ISDN, or other video conferencing services and locations, please visit the Information Technology video conferencing site.


The four panels of calligraphy on the Seminar Room's east wall represent the first few lines of "A Prose Poem on Red Cliff"," written by Su Shi (Su Dongpo) in the year 1082. In hearkening back to a famous battle fought by Cao Cao in the third century A.D., Su Shi blends historical reference and literary style to reflect on time and the human condition. 

The portion on the wall, evocative of the full poem, reads:

"In the autumn of the year jen-hsu, the seventh month, when the moon had just passed its prime, a friend and I went out in a small boat to amuse ourselves at the foot of the Red Cliff. A fresh breeze blew softly across the water, leaving the waves unruffled. As I picked up the wine jar and poured a drink for my friend, I hummed a poem to the moon and sang a phrase on its strange beauty. In a little while, the moon rose from the eastern hills and wandered across the sky between the Archer and the Goat. White dew settled over the river..."  

                                                                                           (translation by Burton Watson, 1965)