Doheny Memorial Library Spaces

Los Angeles Times Reference Room

The Los Angeles Times Reference Room is designed to accommodate 400 students, and 6,000 books for the University Libraries. Its 20 large study tables are some of the most heavily used in the building.

East Asian Library

Located on the first floor of Doheny, the East Asian Library broadly supports the research and teaching needs of the East Asian faculty and students at USC and includes Chinese, Japanese and Korean-language materials in all fields, but with an emphasis on social sciences and humanities.

One-time class meetings and events sponsored by USC faculty, staff or student organizations qualify for use in the East Asian Library Conference and Seminar Rooms. Specifically designed to support events that require multimedia display, Conference Room 109C and Seminar Room 110C are fully equipped with a videoconference camera and microphone as well as multi-region DVD and VCR players and a network connection for laptops. Conference Room 109C is designed for groups of 6 to 8 people, while the Seminar Room can hold 28 to 30 people. Reserve online.

Study Areas

Throughout the five levels of book stacks in Doheny there are more than 50 desks and tables for both individual and group study.

Collaborative Workrooms designed for groups of 4-8 people are available within the East Asian Library and come equipped with a white board, dry erase markers and network connections for laptops. For more information or to make a reservation request, see the Collaborative Workroom Reservation Policies and Procedures page.

Intellectual Commons

The Intellectual Commons holds the Boeckmann Iberian and Latin American Reference Collection, which consists of core reference sources in the humanities and social sciences for the study of the Luso-Hispanic world from pre-Columbian times to the present.