Archival Research

The Cinematic Arts Library contains a variety of film and television collections. These collections contain production materials, publicity stills, original scripts, memorandums, personal correspondences, and other diverse archival materials.



Our Collections include:

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation Collection (TV Foundation) Small archival Collections of TV producers, directors and actors.

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Clipping Files Clipping files dealing with historical topics, shows and personages in TV.  Not current

Academy Players Directory Collection (books)  Historical directories of motion picture actresses and actors used for casting films.  Not current.

Brian Aherne Collection (actor): no dates available; two scrapbooks, assortment of scripts, photos, publicity materials, and correspondence.

Philip Ahn Collection (actor): no dates available; assortment of screenplays (including Thoroughly Modern Millie and Battle Hymn), screenplay synopses, and teleplays. 

Steve Allen Collection (actor, writer): 1952-1960; television scripts for The Steve Allen Plymouth Show and The Tonight Show and business correspondence.

Charles Gary Allison Collection - Production materials from the film Fraternity Row

Almost Perfect TV series Collection Scripts

American Film Institute Television Clipping File Collection 

American Film Institute Television Script Collection

American Snapshots Collection

Edward Anhalt Collection (writer): 1949-1969; scripts, drafts, treatments, publicity clippings and materials relating to the 1960's Writers Guild of America strike.

John J. Anthony Collection (radio commentator): 1937-1952; tapes and scripts from radio programs involving Anthony.

The Arends Collection Collection: 1961-1964; 117 35mm prints of The Joey Bishop Show

Argentina Silent Film Handbills Collection

Richard Arlen Collection

Fred Astaire Collection (actor, dancer): 1960; manuscript and galley proofs of his autobiography, Steps in Time.

Baby Muriel MacCormick Collection

Jim and Henny Backus Collection (actor and actress): early 1940's - 1967; film and television scripts for productions involving Backus; recordings of the 1940's U.S. War Department radio show Jubilee.

Fay Bainter Collection (actress): 1906-1967; stills, photographs, and clippings from theatrical programs and television shows involving Bainter. 

Mischa Bakaleinikoff Collection (composer): No dates available; music scores and manuscripts.

Michael Baker Collection (businessman) Unsorted collection of film posters from a Houston Texas memorabilia store.

Band Music Collection

The Bob Banner Collection (producer): no dates available; miscellaneous television programs, television scripts, and production information.

The Barnett Collection: 1929-1953; miscellaneous radio scripts.

Mrs. Albert Bean Collection

Hans Beimler Collection

Albert K. Bender Collection: no dates available; reel-to-reel tapes of composer Max Steiner film music.

Richard Bendix Collection: no dates available; assortment of television trailers of motion pictures. 

Edgar Bergen Collection (actor, comedian): 1936-1956; radio scripts, records and tapes, photographs, scrapbooks, and 16mm film clips and television guest spots.

Elmer Bernstein Collection (composer): 1945-2004; music scores and sketches; audio and video; office records and other related materials created during the life and career of Elmer Bernstein. Please see the specific Elmer Bernstein page for more details.

Charles Bickford Collection (actor): 1925-1967; scrapbooks, correspondence, clippings, radio transcriptions for productions in which Bickford appeared.

The Biltmore Theatre Collection: no dates available; assortment of box office statements.

Steve Binder Collection (producer) video material from a number of Binder's TV specials and other programs.  The collection does not include anything from the 1969  Elvis Presley "comeback" special which Binder produced.

Ray Bolger Collection (actor): no dates available; production files, teleplays, and prints regarding Where's Raymond? (1953-54).

Ward Bond Collection (actor): one scrapbook of Ward Bond's clippings and a few photos from his later years.

Mrs. Albert Borsche Collection

James Boyle Collection (professor): assorted screenplays 

Scott Bradley Collection (composer): no dates available; Bradley's arrangements of classical composers' music and Bradley's original works, music from MGM, cartoon music, various film music, a small amount of correspondence and family photographs.

John Brahm Collection (director): 1920-1966; stills, publicity materials, annotated shooting scripts, and musical transcriptions from Brahm's films. 

Irving Brecher Collection (writer): 1944-1951; Life of Riley radio tapes.

Jim Broeske Collection

Pat Broeske Collection

Jim Brown Collection (TV Film Critic) A collection of press kits covering films of the 1980's and 90's donated by former Today Show film reviewer Jim Brown.  

Millie Hudson Brown Collection

Jerry Buck Collection

Kate Buford Collection

Lady Burton Collection

Billie Burke Collection (actress): 1907-1950;  240 production stills from the actress' films, scrapbooks, clippings, pressbooks, and sheet music.

George Burns and Gracie Allen Collection (actor and actress): 1907-1959; television and radio scripts from The Burns and Allen Show, scrapbooks, clippings, disc recordings and 200 16mm films of the Burns and Allen Show.

Raymond Burr Collection (actor) Primarily corrspondence, memos, invitations and materials relating to Burr's personal appearances during the last part of his life.

Jay Burton Collection (writer): Scripts and sketches 1948-1959; scripts and sketches for such shows as The Texaco Star Theatre and 11 volumes of monologues written for Milton Berle.

John Cacavas Collection (film and television composer) Original compositions of film and television music and arrangements of popular music.

Paul Calvert Collection

Candid Camera Collection 16mm films of the original TV show with Allen Funt

Marvin and Mary Carlock Collection: TV scripts and films (Fireside Theater) 1949-1954.

Carolco Publicity Photo Collection (production company) Photo proofs from some of Carolco's films from the 1980's.

Allen Carr Collection (producer) 

Pat Carroll Collection (actress): 1967-1975; storyboards, scripts, correspondence  and production files relating to Carroll's work in TV commercials and TV shows.

Johnny Carson Tonight Show Sketch Collection (actor, television host): assorted sketch scripts from The Tonight Show.

Rick Carter Collection (production designer): 1980's - 2012; production designs and sketches for films directed by Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Robert Zemeckis.

Charles Champlin Collection

Saul Chaplin Collection (songwriter, music director, producer): 1953-1960; scripts and production items.

Paul Chaves Collection

Pattee Chapman Collection

Cinematic Arts Library Historical Clipping Files

CNN Clipping Files Film Research Collection

Thomas Clagett Collection

Samuel Colt Collection (son of Ethel Barrymore): 1911-1959; one box of books, theatre programs and letters pertaining to the Barrymore family.

Columbia Amusement Co. Collection

Leland H. and Renie Conley Collection (costume designers): late 1950's and 1960';  Costume designs and sketches.

Chuck Conners Collection (actor): 1958-1975; scripts, correspondance and scrapbooks pertaining to The Rifleman.

Gladys Cooper Collection (actress): 1888-1965; scrapbooks and clippings.

Norman Corwin Collection

Joseph Cotton Collection (actor): 1931-1962; scrapbooks, stills and clippings.

Noel Coward Collection

George Cukor Collection (director): 1932-1963; correspondance, telegrams, photographs and stills.

Marc Daniels Collection

John Dapper Collection (art director): no dates available; one box of motion picture art direction plans and elevations.

Justin Dart Collection: no dates available; recordings on disc of radio programs sponsored by Rexall Drugs and film materials for The Rexall Story.

Mack David Collection (composer, lyricist): 1924-1968; sheet music, correspondance, budgets and contracts.

Elias Davis Collection

Luther Davis Collection (writer, producer): 1969; scripts and other materials relating to TV production of Arsenic and Old Lace.

Albert Dekker Collection (actor, politician): no dates available; photographs and sketches for Cyclops production, and theater scripts and programs.

Don Defore Collection (actor): 1947-1967; screenplays and reels of television films.

Cecil B. DeMille Collection (producer, director): 1920-1952; scripts, scrapbooks and awards.

William C. DeMille Collection (director, writer, producer): 1896-1953; scripts and essays written by DeMille and his wife, writer Clara Beringer; stills from films directed by DeMille.

Glen Demots Collection: no dates available; collection of material pertaining to the career of Gary Cooper (scripts, photographs, clippings), and miscellaneous film sheet music and magazines.

Andy Devine Collection (actor): 1951-1957; radio and television scripts for Wild Bill Hickok.

Billy DeWolfe Collection (actor): 1925-1974; scripts, photo album, clippings, musical arrangements and awards.

Gene Diamond Collection 

William Dieterle Collection (director): 1935-1950; stills, research materials, clippings and production items.

Walter Doniger Collection (writer, producer, director): 1963- 1980's; materials related to TV series Peyton Place and scripts for some of  Doniger's later shows.  (The majority of Peyton Plave materials are held by The University of Wyoming)

James A. Doolittle Collection

The Dorr Historical Society Collection: 1932-1948; Choral recordings and tapes made by St. Luke's Chorale founded in 1930 by William Ripley Dorr.

William Drake Collection

Claire Dubrey Collection

George Duning Collection (composer): 1945-1973; 103 manuscripts of motion picture scores.

Irene Dunne Collection (actress): 1940's; Scrapbooks of clippings related to Dunne's film career.

Philip Dunne Collection (writer, director, producer): 1950-1964; scripts and production files for films on which Dunne worked.

Jimmy Durante Collection (actor, comedian): 1943-1947; scripts and transcripts of Durante's radio programs.

Dan Duryea Collection (actor): 1924-1968; teleplays for the TV series The Affairs of China Smith and screenplays for films Duryea worked on.

Dyer Reynolds Collection

Ed Friendly Productions Collection

Nelson Eddy Collection (actor, singer): 1928-1967; scripts, stills, phonograph recordings, scrapbooks.

Maximilian Edel Collection (medical doctor): 1948-1967; correspondence with Igor Stravinsky and other miscellaneous items; medical records of the composer.

Roger Edens Collection (composer, musical supervisor, producer): 1935-1968; musical arrangements for Judy Garland and Ethel Merman, correspondance, memos, files, scripts, and sheet music pertaining to Eden's career at MGM.

George Eells Collection (writer): no dates available; typescript of Cole Porter biography, The Life That He Led, and research materials for The Life That He Led, Hedda and Louella, and Ginger, Loretta and Irene Who?

Sally Eilers Collection (actress): 1927-1939; scrapbooks and stills for films that Eilers appeared in.

Carli Elinor Collection (composer): no dates available; various film music for both silent and sound films.

Howard Estabrook Collection

William Eytel Collection

William Farnum Collection (actor): 1897-1953; playscripts, photographs, and theatre programs relating to plays and films that William and Dustin Farnum appeared in.

Film Facts Collection

Morton Fine Collection (writer, producer): 1964-1968; scripts and production materials for the TV show I Spy.

Bob Finkel Collection (producer)

Alan E. Fisch Collection: no dates available; various radio scripts.

Richard Fleischer Collection (director): 1946-1970; screenplays, drafts, storyboards, budgets, shooting schedules and publicity for films directed by Fleischer.

Theodore J. Flicker Collection (director, writer): 1958-1964; play scripts, photos, and correspondence pertaining to Flicker's career as a theatrical director.

Robert Florey Collection (director, writer): no dates available; various television scripts, including Schlitz Playhouse and Loretta Young Show.

Helen Ford Collection (actress): no dates available; various clippings of publicity materials and play reviews, play programs, photographs, and items about her husband George Ford.

Hugh Fordin Collection (writer): 1958-1964; 149 tapes of interviews with associates and friends of producer Arthur Freed for Fordin's book The World of Entertainment.

David Foster Collection (producer)

Bill Fraley Collection

John Frankenheimer Collection (director): 1966-1982; materials relating to Black SundayThe ChallengeFrench Connection IIGrand PrixThe Morseman, and 99 and 44/100% Dead.

Joel Franklin Collection

Richard Franklin Collection

Arthur Freed Collection (producer): 1930-1970; production materials, scripts, drafts, treatments, correspondance, books and awards covering Freed's career producing MGM musicals, some of which include, Silk Stockings, Singin' in the Rain, On the Town, and The Band Wagon.

Frank Y. Freeman Colleciton (studio executive): 1953-1969; Awards and clippings.

Fred Freiberger Collection (writer, producer): 1956-1968; Scripts and production materials for 25 episodes of Star Trek and scripts for Ben Casey.

Phil M. Friedman Collection (casting director): 1930-1950; Books casting directories, publicity shots and other photographs.

Ken Fritz Collection

Jean Sarah Frost Collection

Brian Fuller Collection (television producer) A Collection of script materials from Fuller's show Pushing Daisies.

Clark Gable Collection (actor): 1931-1960; stills, personal photos, scrapbook of clippings for Gone With the Wind, actress carole Lombard's scrapbook and scripts for films that Gable appeared in

Tay Garnett Collection (director, writer, producer): 1928-1963; 39 screenplays annotated by Garnett and two scrapbooks covering Garnett's career.

Greg Garrison Productions (production company) 1966-1969; scripts, budgets, papers pertaining to The Dean Martin Show.

Sam Gary Collection 

General Script Collection A collection of scripts collected by the Cinematic Arts Library through the years of popular and classic films.

General Services Studio Collection

Ben Gershman Collection (writer): 1947-1955; Radio and television scripts for the show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

Richard Gershman Collection

Steve Gethers Collection

Michael Gleason Collection (actor): 1982-1987; scripts from television series Remington Steele.

Roy Glenn Collection

Ernest D. Glucksman Collection (producer, director, writer): 1950's - 1976; scripts, treatments, business files, production materials pertaining to a number of TV shows and memos and contrcats relating to Glucksman's activities as Jerry Lewis manager.

Billy Goldenberg Collection (producer)

Leonard H. Goldenson Collection (television network executive) The papers of former ABC network president Leonard H. Goldenson

Lawrence Goldman and Carole Karabian Collection

Stan Goldsmith Collection

William Goldstein Collection

Richard Gollance Collection

Hal Goodman and Larry Klein Collection (writers): 1946-1967; Television scripts for shows featuring Bob Hope, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Edgar Bergen, Steve Allen and Milton Berle.

Marsha Goodman Collection

Stephen Goosson Collection (art director): 1921-1940's; minimal production stills, miscellaneous drawings and set sketches.

Al Gordon Collection (writer): 1960's-1982; various radio and television scripts, some of which include The Jack Benny ProgramThe Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, The Carol Burnett Show, and Three's Company.

Bernard Gordon Collection

Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll Collection (actors, creators of the characters of Amos 'n' Andy): 1926-1955; 50 volumes of scripts for the radio program Amos 'n' Andy.

Gilbert Grau Collection

Walter Grauman Collection (director): late 1950's - 1960's; Television scripts, correspondence, photographs and other production materials for the TV show The Untouchables.

Charlotte Greenwood Collection (actress): no dates available; publicity photographs, scripts, and miscellaneous clippings and correspondence.

Molly Gregory Collection (Historian) Articles and papers dealing with women in film.

Milton Gunzburg Collection (producer, inventor): 1950's; materials dealing with 3-D film technology.

Mrs. Otto Haebel Collection: 1908-1944; nine scrapbooks filled with programs from New York stage plays.

Karl Hajos Collection (composer): no dates available; film scores, orchestral works, miscellaneous songs and sketches, published songs, and a collection of recorded transcriptions.

Jack Haley Jr. Collection

Robert Hamner Collection (writer): 1960-1968; television scripts for shows written by Hamner including 77 Sunset Strip, Lost in Space and Mission Impossible.

Agnes Hardy Collection

Joe Harnell Collection (composer): 1976-1981; various television scores.

Betty Harte Collection (actress): 1909-1965; scrapbooks, photos, and original short stories written by Harte.

Signe Hasso Collection

Jack Hayes Collection (composer, arranger) original compositions as well as orchestrations of other composers works and some audiotapes of Hayes' music.

Edith Head Collection (costume designer): 1969; costume sketches plot and screenplay for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Mark Hellinger Collection (producer): 1945-1948; legal and business records regarding Mark Hellinger Productions, Inc., scripts and production records for The KillersSwell GuyBrute Force, and The Naked City.

Hjalmar Hermonson Collection (television set designer) Set designs for the Kennedy-Nixon debates and other NBC news events.

Walter Hiers and Gloria Williams Collection (actor and actress): 1917-1945; stills and photographs.

Joe Higgins Collection

John C. Higgins Collection

Charles Higham Collection (writer): 1922-1993; research materials and photographs for Higham's books on political and entertainment personalities.

William Hines Collection

D.J. Holland Collection 

Jean Holloway Collection

Hollywood Insider Video Collection (TV show) A collection of 3/4 inch videos of the Hollywood Insider TV program

The Hollywood Museum Collection (materials acquired by the City of Los Angeles for the construction of a film museum that was never built): 1920's - 1950's; material on career of director Hal Roach.

The Hollywood Reporter Photo Archive (trade magazine) 1970's - 2006; A collection of photographic materials of film executives, actors, directors, producers, and actresses that appeared in the Hollywood Reporter since the 1970's.

George James Hopkins Collection (set decorator, playwright): 1907-1913; scrapbooks of theater programs, clippings, and letters.

Sandy Howard Collection (producer):  Production materials for A Man Called Horse and other Howard produced films.

George Hoyningen-Huene Collection

Ron Howard Collection (director, producer): Publicity materials, scripts and some production files for films directed by Ron Howard.

Hal Humphrey Collection (television columnist): 1950-1968; columns, books, publicity, files.

George Hurrell Collection A small collection of  reproductions of some of Hollywood photographer George Hurrell's movie star portraits.

Roger Imhoff Collection (actor): 1920-1937; scrapbooks and clippings from Imhoff's theatrical career.

Arthur P. Jacobs Collection (producer): 1969; production material, budgets, script drafts and stills for The Chairman (1969)

Maurice Jarre Collection (composer): 1965-1969; Original music scores composed by Jarre for the films The Collector, Dr. Zhivago, Is Paris Burning?, Night of the Generals, and The Fixer.

Fran Jeffries (actress) Collection contains materials relating to jeffries career on the TV show Topper.

Stan Jolley Collection

Alan Jones Collection

Newton J. Jones Collection (production designer): no dates available; film stills and original art work pertaining to both films and television programs. 

Mac Julien Collection (still photographer): late 1920's-late 1950's; photographs for various Warner Brothers productions.

Bernard Kanter Book Collection

Walter J Karabian Collection

Roscoe Karns Collection (actor): 1950's-1960's; television scripts from Rocky King, Detective and Hennesey, as well as various clippings.

Millard Kaufman Collection (writer): 1951-1958; scripts in various stages, outlines and notes for films that Kaufman wrote for MGM.

Madge Kennedy Collection

George Kent Collection

Mr. and Mrs. Byron King Collection

Randal Kleiser Collection (director): 1986; script and other production materials pertaining to Flight of the Navigator.

Gertrude Hartfield Kline Collection

Herb Klynn Collecton (animator) A collection of animated videos produced by Herb Klynn.  Also contains some television commercials.  (Most are Located in The Hugh Hefner Moving ImageArchive).

Arthur Knight Collection (film critic and historian): 1957-1966; Manuscrips for Knight's book The Livliest Art and interviews with filmmakers from the WNYC radio program Knight at the Movies.

Jim Koehler Collection

Ernie Kovacs Collection (actor, writer): 1951-1957; scripts, treatments, notes, cue sheets and other production materials related to The Ernie Kovacs Show and The Tonight Show with some materials relating to other TV appearances and a screenplay for Operation Madball.

Raul Kraushaar Collection

Sergei Krizman Collection (art director): no dates available; various scripts

Otto Kruger Collection

Gary Kurtz Collection (producer): 1977-1980; advertising posters from Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.

Richard Lamparski Collection (writer): no dates available; reel to reel and cassette tapes of interviews with personalities and scrapbooks of clippings.

Burt Lancaster Collection (actor) A set of bound scripts from films that Lancaster appeared in.

Paul Landres Collection

Fritz Lang Collection (director): 1930's-1970's; scripts, photos, correspondence, publicity clipings, and articles pertaining to a variety of his films including The Big HeatFuryScarlet StreetMetropolis, among others and unproduced projects.

Joe Laurie Jr. Collection (vaudeville performer): no dates available; radio transcriptions, notebooks of jokes, and miscellaneous writings by Laurie.

Bee Lavery Collection

Lawrence Productions Collection: records of the radio program Mystery is My Hobby.

Anton Leader Collection

Pinky Lee Collection (comedian) : 1950; 55 16mm prints of The Pinky Lee Show

Ernest Lehman Collection (writer): 1920-1968; screenplays, treatments, synopses, production materials and contracts for film projects that Lehman wrote.

Dean Lemon Collection

Irving Lerner Collection (director): no dates available; screenplays for feature films and documentaries, and photographs from films.

Sol Lesser Collection (producer): 1903-1967; correspondence, contracts, scrapbooks, production materials and glass slides relating to the history of film.

Oscar Levant Collection (actor, television host): published music, personal and business correspondences, photographs both personal and film stills, and miscellaneous personal items.

Boris Leven Collection (production designer): 1933-1975; art director's sketches from film productions, including West Side Story

Albert Lewin Collection (writer): 1909-1968; Scrapbooks, manuscripts of films written by Lewin, stills and personal correspondence.

Albert Lewis Collection (actor): no dates available; film scripts, vaudeville sketches, play programs, and personal diaries, photographs of Lewis' vaudeville years.

Arthur Lewis Collection (producer) : no dates available; materials pertaining to both film and theater.

Burton Lewis Collection

Jerry D. Lewis Collection

Jerry Lewis Collection (comedian, actor, writer, director): 1960-1969; screenplays, production materials, stills, photographs and music scores for films for Lewis films during the 1960's.

Milton Lewis Collection 

Shari Lewis Collection

Louis Lipstone Collection (head of Paramount music department): 1939-1953; various screenplays produced by Paramount studios, some of which include, I Married a Witch and Ministry of Fear.

Constance Littlefield Collection (fan magazine writer): 1943-1951; fan magazines containing articles written by Littlefield under her pseudonym Constance Palmer.

Julie London Collection (singer actress) Five scrapbooks with clippings related to Julie London and husband Bobby Troup at pivotal points of her career.

Jack Lord Collection (actor): 1957-1975; scripts and production sheets for Lord's TV series Hawaii 5-0, clippings and correspondence.

Lucille Lortel Collection

Leonard Lyons Collection

Kenneth MacKenna Collection

Constance McCormick Collection (scrapbooker): 1934-2014; scrapbooks filled with magazine clippings on actors and actresses from the 1930's to the 2000's. Please see the specific Constance McCormick page for details.

Jimmy McHugh Collection (songwriter): 1929-1955; original music manuscripts and orchestrations for songs written by McHugh.

Mrs. Clark McKalip Collection

Elizabeth MacKenzie Video Collection

Leonard Maltin Collection (TV critic and film historian) A collection of books, magazines, photographs and promotional materials collected by Maltin.

Abby Mann Collection (writer): 1950's to 1960's; theatrical manuscripts, screenplays, teleplays, and production materials for such Mann productions as Judgement at Nuremburg.

Stan Margules Collection (producer) Clippings, files, memos and other materials relating to Shows produced by Margules, including Roots.

Frances Marion Collection (writer): 1914-1973; scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, stills and short stories written by Marion.

Ross Martin Collection (actor): no dates available; film and television screenplays, photographs, and publicity materials.

Billy May Collection (orchestra leader, arranger)

Eddie Mayehoff Collection (actor)

Virginia Mayo Collection (actress): 1930's-1976; scrapbooks and clippings, fan letters, photographs aand film and television scripts.

Elizabeth Mackenzie Video Collection

Jimmy McHugh Collection

Adolph Menjou Collection (actor): 1915, 1947-1961; stills from Hearts in Exile, 2 scrapbooks of clippings dealing with the "red menace" in America detailing Menjou's involvement with the anti-communist movement from 1948 to 1961.

MGM Cartoon Music Collection

MGM Feature Cutting Continuity Collection

MGM Music Collection

MGM Radio Script Collection

MGM Screenplay Collection: 1918-1958; 20,000 screenplays including features and shorts, many of which include synopses, drafts and shooting schedules.

MGM Screenplay Collection (second set) 

MGM Short Subject Music Collection

MGM Shorts Collection (small collection of scripts for short subjects

MGM Television Script Collection

John Milius Collection (writer, director): primarily photographs relating to Big WednesdayConan the Barbarian1941, and The Wind and the Lion.

Cyril Mockridge Collection (composer): 

Ron Moore (screenwriter, television producer): materials pertaining to Ron Moore's work on Battlestar Galact

Rusty Morris Collection (actor): materials pertaining to the life and career of Noel Coward.

Stanley Musgrove Collection (agent): personal files from publicity agency, material petainint to clients represented including George Cukor, Robert Wise, Mae West, etc.

Music Video Collection Music videos on 3/4 inch videotape from Philadelphia's "Monster Rock" TV show.

Alfred Newman Collection (film composer, conductor): 1933-1969; original music scores, bound vocal scores, bound conductor books, song books, sheet music and some audio tapes of newman's scores.

Kemp Niver Collection

Jean Norris Collection

Lester Norvros Collection (producer): 1930's - 1940's; stills and photographs of motion picture actors.

Jack Oakie Collection (actor): 1936-1966; transcriptions of Jack Oakie's radio programs, television scripts, photographs and clippings.

Liam O'Brien Collection

Ole Olson Collection (actor): no dates available; books, scrits, theater programs, and sheet music.

Once and Again Collection (TV Show)  Scripts form the TV show Once and Again.

Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters Collection: 1937-1958; scripts for radio, television shows and TV commercials. Includes approximately 23 recordings.

Paramount Studios Research Department Collection: 1937-1957; photographs used in location scouting and set design.

Parker Advertising Inc. Collection: 1968; several hundred 16mm and 35mm commercials featuring Datsun (Nissan) automobiles.

James Robert Parrish Collection

Louella Parsons Collection (gossip columnist): 1935-1958; 21 reels of tape recordingd from The Louella Parsons Program and other programs that Parsons appeared on. 

Ernest Pascal Collection

Joe Pasternack Collection (producer): 1931-1966; screenplays, stills, photographs, treatments primarily from MGM films that Pasternack wrote.

Patent Materials Collection: 1916-1950; patent materials relating to motion pictures.

Alice Pearce Collection (actress): no dates available; scrapbooks, publicity materials, photographs, awards, scripts for film, television, and the stage. 

Dennis Peary Collection

Personality Clipping Files Clipping files devoted primarily to actors and actresses of the past.

Eleanor Peters Collection: no dates available; photographs of ballet dancers.

Morris Phil Collection

Dana Polan Collection (teacher) Collection of books on film history.

Hal Polaire Collection (producer, assistant director): 1960's-1990's; production information for films and television films.

Basil Polidouris (film composer) Original compositions for Starship Trooper, Conan the Barbarian, The Hunt for Red October, Robocop and Lonesome Dove among others.

Erich Pommer Collection 

Eleanor Powell Collection (actress): no dates available; assortment of phonograph records.

William Powell Collection

Sally Powers Collection (casting director): 1970-1973; television scripts from selected shows of the early 1970's.

Stefanie Powers Collection (actress)

Pressbook Collection: 1940-1980; publicity materials generated by the studios suggesting possible coverage of their films by newspapers.

Fred Price Collection (studio executive at Warner Bros.)

Howard Prouty Collection

Alfonso Pulido Islas Collection

Radio Record Collection

Radio Script Collection

Robert Radnitz Collection (producer): 1960's - 1990's; scripts correspondence, legal materials, research, photographic materials for films produced by Radnitz including Sounder and Cross Creek.

David Raksin Collection (composer): no dates available; copies of the radio program, The Subject is Film Music.

Tony Randall Collection (actor): 1970-1974; television scripts for The Odd Couple correspondence and clippings.

Ruby Raskin Collection (composer): special music material written for performers, and various television and film music, including That's Hollywood, Flipper, Daktari.

Ronald Reagan Collection (actor): 1931 - 1944; 56 volumes of Death Valley Days radio scripts.

J.A.C. Redford Collection (television composer)

Republic Pictures Publicity Collection Small collection of publicity materials for Republic films.

Republic Script Collection

Martin Retting Collection: no dates available; two magic lanterns, one hand-operated viewer Kinora with nine film rolls, one sterescope wtih 81 slides, and a collection of magic lantern slides over 200.

Adeline DeWalt Reynolds Collection (actress): 1940's - 1961; stills, clippings, correspondence, framed photographs from Ms. Reynold's career.  There is also an additional Reynolds collection at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts in New York.

Dyer M. Reynolds Collection (circus performer): no dates available; books, programs, photos, records, tapes, posters, and other artificats of and about circus performances.

Larry Rhine Collection (writer): no dates available; assortment of television and radio scripts.

Hugo Riesenfeld Collection (composer): no dates available; both published and manuscript form of composed music, collection of German sheet music, NBC broadcast data pertaining to Riesenfeld's radio program, The Blue Danube Hour (1933).

Johnny Rivers Collection (musician): no dates available; autographed music scores and LP records.

Hal Roach Collection (producer, director): 1914-1954; financial papers, payroll ledgers, invoices and business files, and television materials from the 1950's.  Similar materials are also housed in the Roach portion of The Hollywood Museum Collection.

Jess Robbins Collection (director, producer, writer): no dates available; photographs and publicity materials.

Edward G. Robinson Collection (actor): 1923-1972; film scripts and photographs, raio transcriptions, personal files including HUAC proceedings, speeches, etc., scrapbooks chronicling both stage and film career.

Howard Rodman Collection (writer): 1940's-1969; radio, television and movie treatments, scripts and plot outlines and miscellaneous short stories written by Rodman.

Cesar Romero Collection (actor): 1921-1961; 31 scrapbooks of clippings documenting Romero's careeer, clippings and correspondence and stills.

Elizabeth Leslie Roos Collection: 1906-1944; photos, books, scrapbooks, and other materials relating to theater.

David Rose Collection (composer): 1959-1960, 1964-1969; music from the television show Bonanza.

E.J. Rosenberg Collection (producer): 1946-1951; bound radio scripts from The Adventures of Sam Spade and The Fat Man.

Richard Ross Collection: 1960's-1970's; 266 tape recordings of popular music of performers from the 60's and 70's.

Benny Rubin Collection (actor): 1921-1971; photographs, television scripts, clippings, books and awards.

Harry Ruby Collection (composer): 1928-1968; sheet music of songs composed by Rubin and personal correspondence.

Herman Rush Collection (collector): 1940's - 1950's; airchecks of radio and television programs featuring Frank Sinatra.

Richard Sale Collection (director): no dates available; books, magazine stories, screenplays, television scripts, film and book reviews, business contracts and correspondence.

Steve Sardonis Collection

Scarface Set Designs Collection

William and Margaret Schaefer Collection (assistant to WB studio head Jack Warner): 1909-1942; miscellaneous materials relating to William Schaefer's career as the assistant to Jack Warner.

Stanley K. Scheuer Collection (script supervisor): 1912-1965; scripts, notebooks and publicity materials relating to Cleopatra (1963) and five other annotated shooting scripts from the 1950's and 1960's.

Joseph Schildkraut Collection (actor): no dates available; 100 still photographs from Schildkraut's film performances.

John Schmitz Collection

John Scott Collection

Ridley Scott Collection (director) Production materials, sketches, location photos, scripts, publicity and casting materials for many of Ridley Scott's films including Thelma and Louise, Robin Hood, American Gangster, A Good Year, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator and G.I. Jane. 

Some materials for Alien and Blade Runner.

Seeing Stars Collection

Alec Segal Collection

Walter Seltzer Collection (producer, film executive): 1956-1972; scrapbooks of publicity materials for Seltzer's films and 15 shooting scripts.

Anne Seymour Collection (actress): no dates available; clippings, photographs, programs, correspondence, scrapbooks from radio, television and theater.

Steve Shagan Collection (producer, writer): 1973 - 1975; final shooting script for Save the Tiger (1972), manuscript and galleys for Save the Tiger novelization, shooting script for Hustle (1975), original manuscript and galley proofs of A City of Angels novelization. 

Norma Shearer Collection (actress): photo and publicity scrapbooks of Shearer and Irving Thalberg.

Sidney Sheldon Collection (writer, director): 1947 - 1972; Television scripts and research files from various projects including NancyThe Patty Duke Show, and I Dream of Jeannie

David Shepard Collection (film preservationist): no dates available; scripts, production information, correspondence, photographs, publicity materials relating to directors John Hoffman and Slavko Vorkapich.

Richmond Shepard Collection (actor): 1963-1970; copy of the manuscript of Mime: The Technique of Silence authored by Shepard, articles by Shepard, program notes, clippings, stills, and photographs pertaining to the Richmond Shepard Mime Theater, and miscellaneous programs, publicity, and magazines with articles about Shepard.

Max Schulman Collection

George Sidney Collection (director, producer): no dates available; eleven scrapbooks, records, and photographs.

Robert Sisk Collection (producer): 1920-1963; scripts of sixty feature films, seventeen screen treatments, scripts or synopses of five stage plays, scripts of approximately 225 episodes of "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" television series (1955-1960), miscellaneous materials related to the "Wyatt Earp" television show: production reports, cost reports, cast lists, credit sheets, sheet music, publicity materials, etc. (1955-1963),  approximately sixty television scripts of The Californians (1957-1959), personal scrapbooks, catalogues of unproduced properties, approximately 250 publicity photographs from motion pictures, television, and stage productions, 55 photos of Sisk with various people, miscellaneous correspondence and film production materials, and assorted papers.

Anthony Slide Collection (film historian, writer): 1911-1973; interviews and correspondence with various silent film personalities including Lillian Gish, Anita Loos, Hal Roach, and Blanch Sweet. Taped interveiws with Lillian Gish/Anita Loos, Ralph Graves, Blanche Sweet, George Walsh, and Ruth Waterbury. Also included are stills, the manuscript of The Griffith Actresses by Anthony Slide, early film magazines, and material relating to Vitagraph.

Edward Small Collection (producer): no dates available; various script drafts, letters, preview cards, budgets, pressbooks, posters, reviews, production and publicity stills, research materials, and contracts.

Aubrey Solomon Collection (producer, writer): 1914-1973; one taped interview with Delmer Daves, printed interview with Nunnally Johnson, and a list of Fox releases.

Sons of the Desert Collection: 1929-1962; materials relating to meetings and functions of the Laurel & Hardy fan club Sons of the Desert.

Ann Sothern Collection (actress): 1952-1954; about 100 episodes of the television program Private Secretary (aka Susie). 

Anne Sperber Collection (film scholar, teacher)

Leonard Spigelgass Collection (producer, writer): undated; 21 photos, 26 theatre programs (single leaves), call poster of Mme. Schumann Heink & co., and amusement page of New York Herald.

Richard Squire Collection

John Stahl Collection (director): 1922-1955; 20 screenplays some of which include The Lady SurrendersImitation of Life (U, 1934), Magnificent Obsession (U, 1935), Parnell, publicity clippings and reviews, approximately twenty books (mostly novels), miscellaneous correspondence, miscellaneous synopses and treatments, approximately fifty photos and still (mostly of movie personalities), sketchbooks from Immortal Sergeant and The Keys to the Kingdom, research book for Parnell, and still album from Leave Her to Heaven.

Ford Sterling Collection

Leonard Stern Collection

Stewart Stern Collection (writer): 1951-1973; scripts, reviews, publicity, pressbooks, stills, outlines, treatments, research notes, correspondence, and shooting schedules relating to various films and television programs, including Rebel Without a Cause, The Ugly American, and Rachel Rachel.

Andrew L. Stone Collection (producer, writer, director): 1926-1972; production materials, treatments and scripts, pressbooks, stills, correspondence, reviews, books, and periodicals relating to 36 of Stone's films.

Herbert Stothart Collection (songwriter, composer): no dates available; tapes from MGM Studio discs and commercial recordings.

Hunt Stromberg Jr.

David Susskind Collection (television talk show host) The collection consists of two-inch video tapes and 16mm films fromsuch Susskind TV shows as Open End and The David Susskind Show

Bernadine SzoldFritz Collection

Brandon Tartikoff Collection (correspondence, memos, photos, project reports, and projects from Tartikoff's years as head of programming at NBC and Paramount Studios.

Technicolor Library Collection (corporate library)  A collection of books dealing with various aspects, processes, and technology for making technicolor films.

Theater Playbills Collection

Alexander Tiers Collection

Dimitri Tiomkin Collection (composer): 1927-1964; personal papers, screenplays, photographs, correspondence, phonograph records, and scores for most of the major films Tiomkin worked on including Lost HorizonMoon and SixpenceIt's A Wonderful Life, and High Noon.

Norman Tokar Collection (director, producer, actor): 1936-1972; includes approximately 430 scripts for The Aldrich Family radio program (1939-1952), scripts, photographs, cast lists, and production materials for the television show Life with Luigi (1952), casting books for miscellaneous television programs such as Leave it to Beaver (1957) and The Robert Cummings Show, production stills from various telelvison shows including Walt Disney features, and storyboard sketches for Disney projects.

Barry Trivers Collection

TV Guide Collection (television magazine)

Yale Udoff (screen writer) Script materials for films written by Udoff.

University Film and Video Association Archives (Film study association) This Collection is available through The Hugh Hefner Moving Image Archives in The School of Cinematic Arts.

USC Ice Hockey Team Scrapbooks

Clara Van Peybroeck Collection

David Victor Collection (producer, writer): 1940's - 1980's; radio and television scripts and production information for various shows.

King Vidor Collection (director): 1909-1959; thirteen screenplays, general production correspondence including items from David O. Selznick, Samuel Goldwyn, and Pare Lorentz, miscellaneous newspaper and magazine clippings and reviews, production materials such as drafts, notes, story outlines, research materials, and publicity, and Vidor's memoirs for an autobigraphy. 

Virgil Vogel Collection

Jerry Wald Collection (writer, producer): no dates available; production information, publicity, research files, and other materials relating to Wald's career at Warner Bros., RKO, Columbiia, and 20th Century Fox.

Charles Walters Collection (director): 1947-1964; bound scripts of twenty films, some of which include Easter ParadeLiliHigh Society, and Please Don't Eat the Daisies.

Jack L. Warner Collection (studio head): 1935-1960; production and personal correspondence of Warner and Steve Trilling (Warner's assistant).

Harry Warren Collection (composer): 1935-1957; miscellaneous reel to reel tapes.

John Wayne Collection (actor): Posters, photos, lobby cards and some production files from John Wayne's films.  Part of the collection is on permanent display in the Wayne Family Lounge on the second floor of the School of Cinematic Arts.

David Weddle Collection (producer) A collection of videos and scripts for shows that Weddle worked on including Battlestar Galactica and CSI.

Lawrence Weingarten Collection (producer): 1929-1964; thirteen scrapbooks of clipings, stills, letters and advertisements relating to films produced by Weingarten including Don't Go Near the Water (MGM, 1957) and The Unsinkable Molly Brown (MGM, 1964), approximately forty accolades, awards, or prizes, daily production reports from four films produced in 1930, and detailed budget estimates from eleven films including A Day at the Races (MGM, 1937).

David Weisbart Collection (producer): 1950-1967; screenplays, correspondence, stills, budgets, and general production materials relating to approximately thirteen films produced by Weisbart, miscellaneous scripts and treatments pertaining to 56 unproduced films and television shows, synopses of thirty properties, and extensive memos and correspondence from the story department at Twentieth Century-Fox.

Bernard Weitzman Collection

Charles Wheeler Collection

Paul Whiteman Collection (composer): photographs of family, friends and Whiteman himself.

Crane Wilbur Collection (writer, director, actor): business and personal correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, scripts, and publicity materials.

Claire Windsor Collection (actress): 1921-1972; approximately 29 scrapbooks of clippings (1921-1965), photographs and portraits, correspondence and a file of telegrams from Bert Lytell, movie magazines, still books, pressbook and tape of an interview with Windsor in 1968.

Robert Wise Collection (director, producer, editor): 1943-1971; 28 mostly annotated screenplays, production materials such as drafts, stills, and correspondences, research materials, publicity and budgets. Some films include West Side Story (1961), The Sound of Music (1965), The Haunting (1963), The Sand Pebbles (1966), and The Andromeda Strain (1971).

David Wolper Collection (producer):  

Fay Wray Collection (actress): 1924-1950's: scrapbooks dealing with Wray and her two husbands (John Monk Saunders and Robert Riskin), stills including publicity photos from films, 19 scrrenplays written by Riskin including Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) and You Can't Take it With You (1938), miscellaneous items such asa contracts, magazines and personal photographs.

Ed Wynn Collection (comedian, actor): undated; 290 theater posters from the late 19th and early 20th century. 

Linda Yellen Collection

John Zamecnik Collection (composer): early film music, published music by Sam Fox Publishing Company, and music manuscripts.

Studio Collections:

MGM Music
MGM Script Collection
MGM TV Script Collection
20th Century-Fox Script Collection
Universal Pictures (sporadic and incomplete)