Library Expedited Acquisitions Program (LEAP)

The University Libraries are pleased to offer LEAP, a fast, efficient method for obtaining library materials needed for the academic use of our students, staff and faculty. The Library Expedited Acquisitions Program, or LEAP, allows current students, staff and faculty to place recommendations and have the library purchase materials and make it available for use within seven calendar days.

If a user asks for an item that is available in the United States and it fits the library's collection policies, LEAP will try to obtain it quickly. Using the USC bookstore, E-mail, publisher Web sites, and Internet book services the library is able to deliver purchased items in a very short period of time. Titles published outside the U.S, or which are out of stock or out of print, may take longer, but they will be tracked, processed imediately and made available to our users as soon as possible.

The library's subject specialists, who are responsible for working with users to build the library's collections, are pleased to offer this expedited purchasing service. LEAP complements the library's research collections-building efforts by offering users access to literature and information when they need it. LEAP is not intended to eliminate the normal purchasing process.

It is for materials which are needed urgently and which fall into the collection policies for the USC Libraries. In general, the library does not purchase textbooks, how-to manuals, best-sellers or materials not relevant to academic programs at USC such as zoology, botany and veterinary medicine. In addition, items that require an ongoing library commitment such as serials or electronic resources should not be requested through LEAP.

If you wish to recommend the purchase of an item which is not urgently needed or which falls outside the program's guidelines, please fill out the Recommend-A-Book form or discuss it with one of the subject specialists. In combination with the borrowing power of USC's interlibrary loan service provided by Integrated Document Delivery (IDD) and the immediate purchase of urgently needed items through LEAP, library users have relatively quick and easy access to the materials they need most for their academic pursuits.

LEAP Purchase Request Form
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