Instructions for the Siku Quanshu Database

To access the Siku Quanshu database, you are required to install a client program:

  1. To start the installation, go to the Siku Quanshu database page and download SKQSsetup.exe from there.
  2. Double-click SKQSsetup.exe and follow instructions to install the client program. A short-cut icon to the program will be created on the desktop.
  3. Finally, click on the desktop short-cut to open the client program**, and then click “IP Login” to start using the database. 

** Note:

  1. A pop-up window will ask you to check font display. If characters are not displayed correctly, please remove the client program first and then reinstall the program.
  2. For users of English Windows, you will need to install the East Asian Language Support files (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

Mac Users: Currently the client program is not compatible with Mac system, unless your Mac computer has installed Windows operations system.

Off-campus Access Instructions:

  1. Go to to download a VPN client program for your PC or Mac computer.
  2. When you start the VPN program on your computer, please enter in the address box, select "OffcampusOther" in the group list, and then log in using your NetID and password.  
  3. Once the VPN program is successfully connected to your computer, please run the Siku Quanshu client program and click “IP login”. Then you will be able to search the Siku Quanshu database from off campus.