March 9, 2018 - July 31, 2018
Location: DML - Ground Floor Rotunda

    The Wonderland Award competition, which encourages students to engage the USC Libraries’ Cassady Lewis Carroll Collection, honors the work of students inspired by the Victorian polymath known for his logic puzzles, nonsense poetry, photography, and two Alice books. Since 2005, students have explored the wondrous geographical and psychological landscapes charted by Carroll, through artworks that often resist categorization into familiar forms and genres. The pieces share, however, a Carrollian impulse to examine and invent landscapes, internal and external, and populate them with representations of characters that embody, interpret, and reinterpret Alice and her companions. The objects on display in this exhibition form only a small portion of the Wonderland Award archive and will be published soon in the Liddell Book of Art. To learn more about the collection and competition, visit https://libraries.usc.edu/locations/special-collections/wonderland-award


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