Norris Library: Wellness of You! USC Occupational Therapy - Better Behavior to Beat Burnout

April 2, 2021
Online Event

Beat the Burnout 

Norris Library will be offering the following online programming as part of our Wellness of You! @ USC HSC series for Spring 2021.  This semester our presenters will provide an interdisciplinary perspective on how to prevent and alleviate burnout.  We will also continue to incorporate resources in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM).  Everyone in the USC community is welcome to attend!

Events will run from Feb. - April 2021

  • First Friday of each month will feature the following programming | 12-1pm PST: 

    • 2/5/21 |Yoga USC -  Sleep for Restoring Burnout

      • presentation on breath, movement, guided relaxation, and healthy tips for better sleep
    • 3/5/21 |USC Physical Therapy Interactive Education - Burnout & Body Tension 
      • presentation on exercises to alleviate/release physical symptoms of burnout in the body 
    • 4/2/21 |USC Occupational Therapy - Better Behavior to Beat Burnout
      • presentation on incorporating activities and social engagement to prevent burnout 


  • Mondays 2/8, 3/8, 4/5 | Mid-Month Mindful Pomodoro Study Sessions | 5-8pm PST:

    • Online community study group. Study periods are 25 minutes long, followed by 5 minute break periods.

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