Disinformation, Conspiracy Theories, and Information Literacy: A Discussion of Barbara Fister's "Lizard People in the Library"

March 29, 2021
Online Event

Join Elizabeth Galoozis, Head of Information Literacy, for a discussion of Barbara Fister's recent essay "Lizard People in the Library."

About the essay:

"When QAnon burst into public consciousness, many observers wondered why students aren't taught how to think critically about information in school. In fact, information literacy (sometimes framed as media, news, or digital literacy) has been a standard part of education for decades. In this timely essay, “Lizard People in the Library,” Barbara argues that educators have been too focused on training students for information consumerism; instead they must invite students to engage in inquiry as a civic practice in a world where weaponized digital media systems pose a serious threat to democracy." (Source)

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Link to article: https://projectinfolit.org/pubs/provocation-series/essays/lizard-people-in-the-library.html


Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash