15th-Annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar goes VIRTUAL!

October 17, 2020
Online Event

Saturday, October 17, 2020
TIME: 8am-8pm

This year will be a whole new adventure as the Archives Bazaar will be entirely virtual. Although the environment will be different, the spirit of showcasing L.A. archives “All Day. All in one Place” through engaging programs, online exhibits, and virtual tours remain. 

Keep posted for the latest news on the L.A. Archives Bazaar website and follow us on @LAasSubject and #ArchivesBazaar on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

We look forward to sharing and celebrating our rich Los Angeles heritage in new and exciting ways!

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Coffee with the Coordinator
Join Liza Posas, L.A. as Subject Coordinator, on Instagram live. She'll start off the day caffeinated and ready to answer your questions about the day's events, L.A. as Subject's 25-year history, the new L.A. as Subject Directory Portal, and why archives make a difference.

More than an Architectural Icon: The Collections of Central Library
Central Library, the Los Angeles Public Library's flagship location is known around the world for its unique architecture and artwork, but there's so much more! Inside the hallowed walls of this icon are deep collections that librarians have been building for nearly 150 years. Bring your questions and join us as staff from each of Central Library's eleven Subject Departments come together to reveal the treasures found in these collections. For the two weeks leading up to the Archives Bazaar, keep an eye out on the library's main social media accounts for daily video drops from each department. 

The Los Angeles Preservation Network (LAPNet) Presents: An Introduction to Book Structure, Handling, Assessment, and Care for your Personal Collections
Join library preservation professionals from UCI and UCLA for a virtual discussion about book structure and handling, and how to assess and care for your book collections at home. We will discuss how to handle and store your books to extend their life, and the different types of uses, functions, and value the books in your collection may have, using examples from our own collections! Based on those uses and values, we will make some observations about what types of preservation measures you may (or may not) want to take. The presentation will end with time for audience questions about your book collections.

Basement Tapes Day
Basement Tapes Day provides the public with access to vintage audio playback devices so they can listen to the home recordings on open-reel tapes, cassettes, and micro-cassettes that have been sitting in their attics or basements for years. The annual event is staffed by volunteers from Los Angeles’ audio preservation community — archivists, engineers, collectors, restoration experts, conservators, and graduate students from UCLA’s Media Archival Studies program. Attendees can hear and publicly share their tapes, while learning about the history of recorded sound, common deterioration issues with magnetic audio formats, and how to best store and care for their collections. For more details on how to submit open reel, cassette, or microcassette home recordings email basementtapesday@gmail.com.

Home Movie Day
Organized annually by local archivists since 2003, Los Angeles Home Movie Day makes it possible for individuals to watch and reconnect with their own family films by providing access to equipment and discussing how best to care for collections at home. This year's Home Movie Day will be online for the first time as part of the Virtual Archives Bazaar, presenting a program of materials curated from a diverse array of Los Angeles cultural institutions, as well as reels collected from Angelenos and digitized in advance. 2020 organizers Brian Belak and Megan Needels will present an overview of the event and talk through the challenges of adapting an interactive event to a virtual space. Read more about HMD and how to submit your videos for free digitization here.

And more, check this site often for updates

Organized by Tyson Gaskill, Patty Johnson, Liza Posas, Stella Castillo, Suzanne Noruschat, Alejandra Gaeta, and Tim Stanton.