Disability Services: Access to Library Electronic Resources

Accessibility Information for Major Library Databases


The Libraries subscribe to many databases provided by ProQuest. View the current list of ProQuest databases.

ProQuest states that they try to ensure that all of their databases meet the Americans with Disabilities Act and the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and maintains an Accessibility Statement.

Proquest provides a help page regarding how to adjust viewing options within ProQuest databases. They provide instructions on changing font size, text, colors, and backgrounds.


JSTOR will make every effort to ensure that their image-based PDF files are accessible and can be read with screen readers like JAWS. These files are tagged at a high level using an automated process. In the event that the PDF tagging described above is not sufficient for use, they can perform manual tagging on a limited number of articles for users by contacting JSTOR Support and including the citations for the articles that need to be tagged. There is a limit of 3 articles per request and turn around time is 3 days per request. Additional information on JSTOR's accessibility policies can be found on their website.

Web of Science
Web of Science is working to resolve defects that currently make the site difficult to access with a browser designed for visually impaired user (JAWS) as well as other best practices and our development teams are working towards resolving these issues for within a future product release. More information on Web of Knowledge accessibility policies, as well as a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, can be found on their website.

If you have any difficulty accessing materials through these or any other library databases, please Ask a Librarian.


Accessibility Information for Major Collections of Electronic Books

The Libraries subscribe to a growing number of e-book collections, which are all discoverable through the search box on the Libraries' home page.


To assist visually-impaired users, ebrary can be displayed in a screen-readable, text-only mode that works with a user’s own text-to-speech program, such as JAWS. To request this mode for any e-book, please contact support@ebrary.com or ask a librarian to do so on your behalf. Once you have done so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your ebrary site and log in to your personal ebrary account
  2. Click on the “My Settings” button at the top right of the ebrary page
  3. Click “Edit Settings”, then under “Additional Settings” click “Enable Accessibility Mode”
  4. Click “Save Changes”
  5. Once those changes are made, anytime the user is signed in to their bookshelf account, all documents opened in QuickView will be viewed in the special screen-readable, text-only mode
  6. The user can then use QuickView in conjunction with JAWS or another text-to-speech program

For tips on using JAWS with Accessibility Mode, please go to

EBL (E-book Library)

The Read Aloud feature is available for all EBL books in the Online Reader. In addition, if a user already has a screen reader they like to use, books downloaded to a computer can be read with Adobe Digital Editions, which is compatible with screen readers in versions 3.0 and above.

Oxford E-book Collections

(Scroll down to Oxford to see the several e-book collections the Libraries subscribe to through Oxford.)

Oxford Scholarship Online has WCAG, AA compliance and work with most popular screen-reading software. Oxford is happy to answer any questions on this subject as well as receive comments on areas that could be improved. You can view e-books chapter-by-chapter in HTML or in (downloaded) PDF.  Oxford Scholarship Online accessibility policies can be viewed on their website. 


Safari Technical Books

If you wish to switch to a version of the Content Reader that is accessible to screen readers, please email customer-service@safaribooksonline.com or call 800-775-7330. After Customer Service has updated your account for use with a screen reader, there are shortcut keys available for screen readers.