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Health-related statistics on an international level. Data is organized around health status and health quality indicators in relation to the World Health Organization's sustainable development and universal health coverage goals.

Evidence-based guidelines for health policies and clinical interventions that have been approved by the World Health Organization Guidelines Review Committee.

General and technical information, data, multimedia, reports, and programs on a wide-range of global health topics.

Access to reports, guidelines, journals, other publications produced by the World Health Organization.

Millions of documents containing details about victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution during World War II still exist today.

Published by Readex, a division of NewsBank, inc., in cooperation with the Center for Research Libraries.

More than 285 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Latin American Newspapers. Featuring titles from: Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela.

World Newsreels Online, 1929-1966, a streaming video product which captures full runs of many of the key international newsreels produced during the early twentieth century.

Sponsor of an annual contest for the best in photojournalism, and now in multimedia as well, this site includes the images of the winners of the most recent 2-3 years of the awards.

Since 1955 World Press Photo has hosted a contest for the best in photojournalism.

Translated and English-language radio and television broadcasts, newspapers, periodicals, government documents, and books providing global reaction to major protest and reform movements.

This multidisciplinary resource will include a comprehensive range of content for the region, providing research across the humanities, both for current Latin America and the Caribbean and as a historical perspective back through the colonial period. Included are a combination of contemporary and historical documents designed to reveal a true depiction of the nature, integrity and culture of Latin America, documents in multiple languages, and historical and contemporary maps. Provided by Gale-Cengage.

Mutilateral partnership allows for search of national scientific databases in over 70 participating countries. Includes papers, multimedia, data, and public access content. Search available in Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese.

Includes a diverse range of primary source material that documents the planning of fairs, the experience of visiting them and the physical, cultural and political legacies they leave behind. The resource is provided by Adam Matthew.

WorldCat is an online union catalog of materials held by OCLC member libraries.

All dissertations, theses and published material based on theses cataloged by OCLC members, including all subjects.

This site will allow you to locate a specialist by name, field of specialization, and/or affiliation.

This database provides citations, abstracts, and indexing of the international journal literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration and policy.

This site prepared by contributors from five universities provides guidelines for students learning to communicate technical work. It includes samples and exercises.

Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson provides access to over 20 searchable volumes of his writings and to other material that contextualized his work. This is a free resource to all users who register their accounts. For more information, see http://www.yalejohnson.com/frontend/node/1.