24 Databases Found

Kafkas Werke (Kritische Ausgabe) is an electronic version of the critical edition of his complete works: Franz Kafka, Kritische Ausgabe, Schriften und Tagebucher.

Non-profit organization focusing on national health issues. Develops and runs policy analysis, journalism and communication programs.

This Collection of Historical Materials of the Kamakura Period (1185-1333) contains approximately 36,000 texts in 42 volumes with 4 supplements. From December 2018 USC users have access to Volumes 1 to 25 with volumes 26-42 plus supplements to be added in December 2019.

Kanopy is a streaming video service that provides access to videos on the following topics: Film & Popular; Education (k-12); Global Studies & Languages; Health; Media & Communication; and Social Sciences.

The complete published works of Immanual Kant edited by the Berlin Academy.

Gateway to Karger Online medical journals.

Keesing's World News Archive contains about 95,000 unbiased, full-text reports of the most historically significant political, social, and economic events of the world since 1931.

Data, policy recommendations, and tools focused on child and family welfare curated by Anne E. Casey Foundation.

Over 100 indicators of child well-being, including economic status, health, safety, and risk factors on the local community, city, state, and national level.

Kikuzo II Visual for Libraries is a news retrieval service from the publisher of Japan's second largest circulation newspaper, Asahi shimbun. </br><b> Access to the database is limited to 8 users shared among the consortium of currently ten (10) participating institutions. </b> </br>

The King James or Authorized Version of the Bible was printed in 1611 and became the standard edition of the Bible for nearly three centuries.

Korean studies Information Service System.

This is the catalog of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies. The records of Caribbean Abstracts can now be found in this catalog.

Knovel is a database for disciplines of chemistry and engineering.

Multimedia health sciences education resources from the University of Utah includes animations, tutorials, and image banks.

KnowUK is a unique online service developed to provide libraries with a complete collection of current, useful and UK-specific reference information from over 100 of the most widely used reference publications in the UK.

Full-text database on classical Korean literary works, history records, and articles from old newspapers & journals. Includes Samguk Sagi (삼국사기), Saso Samgyong (사서삼경), and the Digital Encyclopedia of National Culture (EncyKorea). By DongBang Media.

Collection of excavation reports of historical sites in Korea, which consists of research reports, catalogs and maps related to Korean geography, history, folklore, and architecture. By ZININZIN.