Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, 1947-1980

Sourced from the British Foreign Office files, this resource covers the political and social history of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan in this period with additional content on Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Kashmir, as well as other frontier regions.

The threat posed by China and the Soviet Union is analyzed in detail. Other files look at the impact on United Kingdom, US and European trade, industrial policy, education and the media. There is a variety of material including diplomatic dispatches, telegrams, newspaper cuttings and transcripts, maps, photographs, political and economic reports, minutes of meetings, conference proceedings, letters, and other ephemera. This project comprises the following three sections: Independence, Partition and the Nehru Era, 1947-1964; South Asian Conflicts and Independence for Bangladesh, 1965-1971; Afghanistan and the Cold War, Emergency Rule in India, and the Resumption of Civilian Rule in Pakistan, 1972-1980. This resource is offered by Adam Matthew.

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