American West

The American West, produced by Adam Matthew Publications, is an extraordinary documentary compilation of original and unique source materials on the development of the American West.

It is selected from the holdings of the Graff Collection on the American West from the Newberry Library in Chicago. The material is selected from a wide range of documents, ranging from manuscripts, rare books, pamphlets, periodicals, broadsides, ephemera to maps and illustrative material, for each of the following major themes: Native Americans; Pioneers, Hunters and Explorers; Mining and the Gold Rush; The Mormon Exodus; Homesteaders, Overland Travel and Early Settlements; Cattle Ranchers; The Railroads, Transportation and Urban History; Outlaws, Vigilantes and the Law; Agricultural Development and the Environment; The Imagined West: Wild West Shows and Fiction; Borderlands: Canada and the Pacific Northwest; and Borderlands: Texas, Mexico and the South. This resource is provided by Adam Matthew.

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