Pacific Rim Archive

Painting of the Crystal City Family Internment Camp, 1946. Crystal City Collection. Pacific Rim Archive.

Image: Painting of the Crystal City Family Internment Camp, 1946. Crystal City Collection. Pacific Rim Archive.


The Pacific Rim Archive (PRIM) brings together archival materials relating to America's first century of involvement in and impressions of East Asia (broadly interpreted as including activities from the 1840s through the 1940s). 

Beatrice L. Crisler Collection

Beatrice L. Crisler (1908-2002).

Geoffrey C. Shepard Collection

Geoffrey Carroll Shepard (b. 1944) is a grandson of Earl and Saidee Pettus Hoose (son of Barbara L. Hoose and James J. Shepard).

James Daily Collection, 1974

This collection contains correspondence, journals, and diaries of James Daily and his wife who went to China in 1974 with a group of hydraulic engineers from the U.S.

Mark L. Moody Collection

Mark L. Moody (1892-1955) first came to East Asia in 1919 as a member of the American Expeditionary Force in Vladivostok. There he met and married Alla Mae Simpson (b. 1889), a worker with the American Red Cross. They relocated to Shanghai, where Moody opened and operated a Chrysler dealership throughout the 1920s and 1930s. He travelled widely and photographed and filmed many parts of 1930s China. He documented, through photos, the 1932 Japanese attack on Shanghai and, through film, their 1937 attack as well. See the finding aid for the Mark L. Moody papers.

Richard Rickett Collection

The collection contains photographs and correspondence from the Battle of Okinawa and early U.S. occupation of Korea.

Saidee Pettus Hoose Collection

Saidee Alice Pettus (1887-1949) and her husband, Earl Albion Hoose (1886-1949), began their missionary work in China in 1915. See the finding aid for the Saidee Pettus Hoose papers.

Shannon McCune Collection

Shannon Boyd-Bailey McCune (1913-1993), a geographer specializing in Japan and Korea, was born in Sonchon, Korea, son of George McCune, long-time missionary to that country.

Theodore Chen Collection, 1900-1924

The collection contains photographs from China.