USC Libraries FAQ Chatbot

The USC Libraries are excited to share that our FAQ Chatbot is now available to use by USC Students, Faculty, and Staff via USC Slack Workspaces. Please note, at this time only USC affiliated users with access to a USC Slack Workspace are able to use the FAQ Chatbot.  If you are a USC Student, Faculty, or Staff member that does not currently use Slack, you can join For those unable to use a USC Slack Workspace, you can continue to get research help and support via live chat and email from our Ask a Librarian page.

To get started, open any USC Slack Workspace and start a direct message with FAQ Chatbot. Ask your question and the chatbot will respond with up to three of the closest matching FAQs.

Slack Start Direct Message Screenshot

Topics Covered

Currently, our chatbot is trained on over 300 Frequently Asked Questions from our Knowledge Base.

You can ask questions related to libraries services, policies, and common research questions on topics such as citations and conducting academic research.

For more advanced questions and topics, our dedicated and hard working librarians and staff are still available to help you via Ask as Librarian.

Future Improvements & Feedback

We’re hard at work on expanding to other, more advanced topics and questions related to Libraries services and research at USC and look forward to continuing to improve and expand the knowledge of our chatbot beyond FAQs.

We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future improvements. Please share your experience and feedback via our Feedback Form.