Wendy Smith

An interview with Dr. Wendy Smith, PhD, as she discusses her social work career in private practice, education, community involvement, and the USC School of Social Work.

Interviewed by Phyllis Massing. Date of interview: 9-25-07. Length of interview: 46 minutes. DVD containing interview.

Interview Topics

(00:47)- Introduction. (01:22)- Beginnings in social work and influence of early life experience . (04:40)- UCLA MSW vs Berkeley MSW. (05:17)- Social, political, economical snapshot of the country in 1970. (08:19)- Decisions to move from macro to micro work. (10:03)- Challenges faced in career in macro and micro work. (11:40)- Decisions to pursue PhD in social work. (13:00)- Brief discussion of organizational change and obstacles (doctoral work). (15:45)- Joys of teaching. (18:10)- Dislikes of teaching. (19:47)- Decision to retire. (21:42)- Evidence based practice. (25:07)- Community involvement. (27:26)- Involvement with United Friends of the Children and foster youth. (30:05)- Changes in the field of social work in the past 30 years. (33:30)- USC School of Social Work and its students. (35:00)- Religion and Social work. (37:50)- Most gratifying experience in social work. (39:12)- Most successful experience in social work. (39:58)- Regrets. (40:50)- Suggestions to new social workers. (42:00)- Contributions to the USC School of Social Work and students. (43:40)- Future personal involvement in the field. (44:51)- Closing remarks